After Cosmetic Surgery

Friday, July 22, 2011

On May 12th I went in for a panniculectomy. A panniculectomy is when excess skin is removed after extreme weight loss. The surgery removed skin from my torso and also pulled up loose skin from my legs. The incision was from between my breasts down to my pubic bone and then all the way around my torso within a couple of inches on either side of my spine. The doctor removed 7.5 ponds of loose skin. Its quite an incision.

The change was amazing! My friend Nancy saw it immediately when she came in to visit. I definitely felt like I was missing a part of me directly after surgery. I was so glad to get it done and be rid of what I considered a reminder of the past.

To date I have lost 200+ pounds. It has been quite a mind trip. I still haven't gotten used to my new body. I still see the old me in the mirror at times. Sometimes its hard to be objective about how I look or what needs work. This is where my friend comes in. I can ask her what she thinks and I always get an honest answer. She is very encouraging and it helps.

I still have a couple of surgeries to go to sculpture my new self. I have been so blessed this far to have insurance cover my surgeries and will have to pay out of pocket for the others. When it's all done it should be interesting to see what I look like.

My husband is now home from Afghanistan and is happy with the changes so far. I can only imagine how weird it is to watch me go through this from his vantage point. His input has to be different from my friend's input. I need him to just be supportive. I'll get the detail stuff from my friend. He's been so patient to this point. I'm blessed in that way.

Here are pictures from my heaviest to after surgery. Quite a change!

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