Birthday Party Recovery

Monday, July 25, 2011

Middle daughter's eighth birthday party was Saturday. We went to Little Talbot Island, and had a blast! I got a little burnt (not bad, thank God, just mostly pinkish that went away the next day), legs were sore from walking all that way in the sand, and filled the van with her presents!
Parties at the beach are the best. You rent a shelter with two grills and eight picnic tables. We opted to have a friend smoke a boston butt for our party rather than slave over the grills. Homemade pasta salad, salad fixin's, loads of drinks-two 12-packs of sodas which my sister brought, four gallons of water, two gallons each of homemade lemonade and homemade sweet tea. The tea was gone, lemonade only had half a gallon left, and one and a half gallons of water left. Enough leftovers to have dinner the next night, too! Before some "food police" get onto me about having food left out, I assure you, we had plenty of ice and after the meat cooled down enough, we put that into the cooler, as well.
Lots of friends and family showed up. Co-worker of mine and her boyfriend brought my little ponies which are her favorites right now! One of my best friends, Sheila, brought her hubby and two boys (they tower over her little Filipina body), my sister brought her daughters and fiance, my husband had some friends bring their kids (they play Black Ops together, please for the love of God make it stop!). We even had family from the Ocala Forest come up for the festivities. They took my oldest for the week! Her and the oldest daughter get along very well, they were inseparable at the party! Just think, if it weren't for Facebook, they would not even know each other.
Well, I'm outa here. Got to clean the dinner dishes and do some exercise before I'm too pooped to pop! People have told me that you really don't sleep well if you exercise less than like three hours before bed. People have also told me that you really shouldn't exercise when you pop out of bed. Well, people, I'm here to tell you. if I don't exercise in these times, I'd never exercise. There's just not enough hours in the day for all the stuff we have to cram in there as it is. Besides, I'm out like a baby after a good thirty minute night exercise session. Any more, I think I'd be up forever.
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