How the journey changes our perception of "FAT" people!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ok! First off I will just apologize for any toes I may step on through this post!! I am just being honest about the situation!

So it seems like each day through this journey I have a new moment where I realize things!! Some things I realize are great like yesterday when I realized that my belly no longer sticks out further than my boobs (read the blog for explanation!!!). Or when I realize that I am not as winded doing an activity as I once was!! While other things I realize are just further motivation to stay on track, like the day I realized I was turning my 2 year old into a couch potato or the time I realized I wasn't doing as well as I had thought!!!

But yesterday struck me with a new realization! My perception of "fat" (unhealthy) people has changed!!!! Now keep in mind I have never been skinny my no means but I have not always been "fat" in my eyes!! In high school at 160 lbs I was not what this world sees as skinny but with my build I wasn't really fat either! One thing I have changed this time in my journey this time around is that if I crave something and I mean really crave it then I am going to have the best option possible to settle that craving!! So yesterday I was craving a sonic burger (have not had one in a decade so no clue why the craving struck but it did!! So I decided that I could get a childs meal with a burger and there apple dippers and I would still be within my calorie range and I would have satisfied my craving!!! So that is what I did!!

You may ask what this has to do with the story....but this is where my realization happened!!! As I am backing out of the Sonic a car comes by with a lady in it!!! It was a very small car and she is very tall and just guessing I would say weighs in at around 350 or more! It was at that moment that I realized that my perception of "overweight people" has changed!

Normally I would have probably thought "thank goodness I am not that big" ( I know that is horriable but it is honesty) or " how can you let yourself get that big" or in my much younger days the thoughts would have probably been a bit meaner like "how the hell did she get into that car" or "does she really think she needs to be eating sonic" ( again I know this is horriable but when I was a teenager out with friends this would have been my thought process)!!

So as I am backing out I realize that I have hit the breaks and stopped right where I was!! Because in that moment my thoughts about this lady are so different than before that it really struck me!! I begin to wonder what horriable things had happened to her to make her turn to food for comfort: had she been abused, lost a child, been in a bad relationship, or just had a rough childhood, had her parents been overweight and she is just doing what she was taught...... all the possibilities started going through my head!!! Then I begin to wonder was she working to change, did she just not know where to start, could I help her in any way, or was she happy being who she was? This is the moment I realized I was half backed out blocking traffic, almost late to pick up my daughter!!!!! (Like I said it just struck me!!!)

Then I drive past as the lady is bringing her food!! She hands her a drink and one small bag that couldn't have had but one item in it!! Which got me to thinking if she was on the same journey as me, if so how long had she been on it and what kind of success and failures has she had!

At this point I am back on the road and I start realizing just how the journey changes us!! Not only do we get healthy, "un-fat", toned, or whatever else we are going for. We also gain energy, change the way we eat and so on. But on top of all that I think we learn new things about our self all along the way and begin to view the world differently!!

I am proud to be the person I am today and look foward to changing even more!! I can't take back any thoughts I may have previously had about people but I can begin to think differently about each person and the situation they may be in. We never know how, why, or what got a person to the state they are in today and I was always told that when you ASSUME something you simple make an ASS out of U and ME!!!! So instead why not take a moment to say a prayer for that person or just to have a nice thought about them!! Maybe even give them a compliment if you are in a store or something!!! You never know when your act is going to make someones day!!! They may be at there breaking poing and you tell them you like there shirt or you love their hair and it turns it all around for them!!!

I know that people judge me and the rolls hanging over my pants but I have learned not to care what others think and to just remember that they don't know the effort I am putting in to get my life back So they can't judge me!!

So for those of us that are still on our journey weather just starting or half way there and those of us who have been there and done that and are trying to maintain!! Lets help those out who our further behind us and give them the encouragement they need to find their path and take it!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Compassion is a step toward spiritual health. Learning to have compassion for ourselves changes how we see others also. Compassion is usually a more successful path toward health than judgement.

    Blessings on your journey!

    3603 days ago
    So kind, and encouraging.
    3610 days ago
    I really like this blog. We were having a talk on one of my SparkTeams recently about how we get sad when we see morbidly obese people who clearly have other health problems eating unhealthy foods in large quantities...and especially alone. I actually don't know if that's offensive or not. I mean, it's sadness and commiseration and a desire to see others be healthy and happy, but I also could see how that would be insulting to that person if they knew. I mean, you know, like, "how dare you assume that I'm unhappy, lonely or otherwise having a hard time?" I don't know.
    3610 days ago
    Good for you! I think having this new self-awareness is a big part of our transformation.

    Knowing how little we DO know about other people's choices, reasoning or health situations is a good thing. I hope that lady felt a little bit of your compassion and understanding for her. Judgement isn't productive so being aware of it and curbing it with positive thoughts is awesome.

    Look at you changing on the inside and the outside!
    3610 days ago
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