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sodium again

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Logged my food again today & made it to the gym.

I am still a bit high on the sodium, ughh. Even with being careful i still went over. I logged my food in for the day before i ate, but then changed what we had for dinner, that threw it off.
about 500 mgs over the recommended amount, but still WAY better than two days ago, so i did bad on Tues, good on Wed & so so on Thursday. I guess it will all come together if i keep after it.

i did about 35 minutes on the arc trainer at the gym.

i am really trying to be diligent in following with the program, at lunch when i opened the door at work to let someone in the building i could smell french fries from the diner in the plaza. OMG, talk about temptation... i went back to my desk & ate my cucumbers & cherry tomatoes, & told myself that those fatty french fries will clog my arteries & not to even think about them or the beloved ketchup.

i also told myself that it is not like i can never have them again... just not today... that definately helped. also noted to self... need to make homemade baked sweet potato fries soon... that helps me stay away from the regular fries.

I really what i read in the book is helping, i bumped my fiber intake up pretty high & i felt full for the past three days. so we shall see if it helps on the scale as well. when i did get a pang for a snack after lunch i had a cup of tea, that helped as well. i am really trying to be prepared so i don't have any major slips.

i had a bora bora bar yesterday but i didn't feel that was a slip, i calculated it in so i didn't feel it was a slip at all, especially looking at the ingredients/fiber/sugars etc. i felt okay about having it. they taste really good, & i need to do some recipe searches and see if i can make my own. it can't be that hard, it is oatmeal & nuts & fruit mixed together.

so far i feel pretty good about the changes i made this week & tomorrow is another day keep telling myself that i need to stay focused & positive. I am hoping the anti-biotics i had to go back on don't make me feel bad. hopefully i can counter act the effects with my routine.

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