Death by Funnel Cake (Don't forget the Cotton Candy!!!)

Monday, August 01, 2011

It was a true, "What the %$%^ was I thinking?!?!" Moment --- sitting there absolutely ROASTING at the UniverSoul Circus, oh my goodness!!! emoticon

Yeah, Sunday afternoon at 3pm, 102F degrees under a circus tent with 2500 other hot and sweaty humans from this planet --- if it had NOT been my oldest daughter's 13th birthday AND "the last second trip to the circus (instead of the pool)" being what she wanted as her birthday gift from me --- yeah, you get the picture! emoticon

I joked my youngest daughter that actually, we had passed the Devil himself on our way into the tent, he was yelling and complaining to management, and wanting his money back, even HE was leaving because it was TOO DAMN HOT!!!! emoticon

So......the cotton candy guy came by, my kids passed. The popcorn guy came by, my kids passed. The nachos guy came by, my kids passed. The hot dogs guy came by, again my kids passed. Asking what was the deal, my youngest daughter informed me, "Dad, seriously?!?!? It's too friggin' hot to chew!!!!". Yes, I agreed in my own mind, as the stifling heat was making even ME sick to my stomach. I then wondered how everyone ELSE in the crowd was chowing down having a good ole time?!?!?

Of course, NEXT came the snow cones guy --- "Yeah man, we'll take THREE of those, extra, extra, EXTRA ice!!!!" emoticon

Rumor Control in the crowd was reporting that it was actually cooler outside the tent because there was actually "air circulation" (it being sunny and 102F, not withstanding) --- the three of us being on the verge of quitting the circus midway through, we decided to go outside to cool off emoticon

Getting outside, we were thrilled because yes it was cooler, amazingly --- we made a bee line to the concession stand for some ice cold bottle water. In front of us in line, however, there was even more entertainment.

The young lady in front of us, after waiting patiently in line, ordered herself a double funnel cake --- that's two funnel cakes on one plate, for those of you that didn't know (like me). I was thinking, "Hey, maybe it's HER birthday too, whatever". You go Girl, live it up!!!

She wondered aloud to the attendant, if she could get powered sugar AND strawberry sauce with that funnel cake? Hey, it's America, OF COURSE you can, no charge!!!

After the attendant dumped the double portion of powdered sugar on top of the funnel cakes stack, the young lady had another thought, "Hold up! Hold up!", she said. "I wanted cotton candy too, let me get one of the pink ones!!!".

The attendant got the cotton candy and tried to hand the plastic bag to the young lady, "No...", she said,"...just put it on top", she replied (pointing to the funnel cake).

The attendant, me and my kids all had the same look on our faces.


The attendant took the cotton candy out of the plastic bag --- placed the cotton candy on top of the funnel cakes, yes on top of the powdered sugar. "Yeah...", the young lady continued, " pour the strawberry sauce on top". She glanced at me and my kids waiting behind her and said to us, ".....that way, the cotton candy and everything else will melt all they way down into the funnel cake!!!"


As the young lady was finishing up paying for her treat, my kid whispered in my ear, "Dad, I think I just threw up in my throat!!"


"Yeah, can we get three bottled waters to wash this down?!?!?" emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ... no accounting for what people eat! I can't say anything because when I eat sweets, I probably eat just as much sugar as she did, I just eat different things that all add up to sugar over-load. Most of the time I follow the Paleo/Primal lifestyle (low carb), but I have my moments. emoticon

    ... I love your stories, keep em' comin'... emoticon

    3300 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/7/2012 2:06:26 PM
    Of course you got those kids trained to good eating! Way to go!

    This is just as gross as a story I heard from a Subway/Wal-Mart employee about a customer who had chocolate chip cookies put IN her sandwich with vinegar salad dressing. YUCK!

    Stay frosty.
    3589 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3369687
    Hilarious post! Some peoples creativity with "food" can be really impressive at times. Hopefully this young women can be just as creative in the gym! emoticon
    3609 days ago
    It amazes me what some people will put in the bodies. All that sugar would send me into a coma. I am with your kids on this one. emoticon emoticon
    3610 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4534979
    In a state where I have seen ALMOST everything you can imagine FRIED, this does not shock me. What I am wondering is if she went into a Diabetic Coma emoticon emoticon emoticon after consuming all of that.

    Amazing that we wonder why the USA has an obesity problem. Don't get me wrong, I have consumed the occasional funnel cake, but hold the sauce and the FREAKING cotton candy for goodness sake emoticon
    3610 days ago
    I think I'm going to be sick. If you were tempted by the funnel cakes before, I'm sure you weren't by the time she finished. emoticon
    3610 days ago
  • JREA24
    Ha! I wonder if she really at it.
    3610 days ago
    What a gross picture in my head...YUCK!
    She probably took a serious dump after that.
    3611 days ago
    Oh wow, you weren't kidding about entertainment - amazing how someone could come up with that!
    3611 days ago
    That is just nasty! I have never heard of such a concoction. The double funnel cake being bad enough, but the cotton candy AND the strawberry sauce--way to much!
    3611 days ago
    people eat sh*t and then wonder why they feel like sh*t
    3611 days ago
  • ACCT1908
    3611 days ago
    Lol that was gross and funny :)
    3611 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6419298
    amazing...I don't feel so bad about the french fries I had for lunch now...
    3611 days ago
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