30lbs and husband with perfect timing!!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Well I will start with the good/bad!!! Since my higest weight I ever seen on the scale I am down 29.6 pounds!! Then there is my average highest weight (this is the high weight i seen more often than the highest of high) and from that weight I am down 20.6 lbs. So you could say 20 or 30 lb weight loss just depending on how you look at it!!! So my issue is I am still wearing the same darn clothes!!!!! I mean yea they are a little lose but not so much that they can't be worn and the next size down is to tight!!! I can tell that my shirts are getting loser and they fit better so that is great!! I can still wear them just doesnt look like it took ten people to help me get into it!!! My pants on the other hand are loose but not much so I am just trying to be patient and hopefully I will have to get rid of them soon!!! I think the issue is that the bulk of my weight is right in my midsection right above where my pants are!!!! So guess I need to start working out those thighs and hips so I can get some new clothes!!!!!

Sorry that was just a bit of a rant!!! Just seems like I should be needing some new clothes by now!!!

NOW ON TO THE GREAT!!! This morning I was standing in the bathroom looking at myself trying to notice differences in my body!!! Seems like some days I can see it and some days I can't!!! So as I was sitting there telling my self that my body is changing just look at the scale I mean it is obvious it is changing!!!! At the same time I was convincing myself that it wasn't really that big of a change. Than I got to thinking that my dad and one of my sisters are the only people that have commented on my losing weight!!! Neither of which new I was trying!!! Then I thought it must be true my body hasn't changed much because my husband hasn't mentioned it!!!! Then I was like maybe in another 9 or 10 lbs I will really be able to tell because that will be back to my pre-baby weight (not an ideal weight because I had gained a good bit before baby but I did like the way I was looking)!!! At that weight I felt like I could see my stomach getting flatter and I wasn't so disappointed with my body!!!

So I play this battle with myself for 10 or 15 minutes as I am getting ready for work!! Then comes my husband and his perfect timing!! He works nights so he gets in right before I am leaving to go to work!! So I am standing in the kitchen fixing a class of water all dressed and ready for work when he comes in!!! And he ask me how much weight I have lost!! Me already being in a bad mood means I don't really care to answer him so I just say why and figure he would leave it alone!!! Then he says I was just wondering looks like you are about the size you were before the baby!!! To that I just simple responded "what a good eye you have"!!!!!!

I don't know if he has some secret power that told him I was mad that he had not said anything yet or what!! But It was great timing because it just reaffirmed to me that my body is changing!!!!
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    Thank You!!! I do need to work on firming up!!! I try to do strength training now because I know I need to build muscle!! Can't wait to lose another 30 lbs!!! I think that will be the point I will start to see some of the definition and begin working to improve it even more!!! I have done the up and down thing as well!! Just keep up the hard work!! We will get to our healthy place as long as we keep trying!!

    3612 days ago
    Your husband does have perfect timing!

    It is funny how willing we are to wear clothes that are too tight...I'm the same way w/pants, though this time I'm down 'just' 10 lbs.

    I lost 30 lbs 2 years ago, gained back 20, now down to just 10 over - hope that makes sense! At any rate, I only went down 1 pant size and stayed the same with tops.

    I agree, need to tighten up what I have!

    Congratulations on your success so far!
    3612 days ago
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