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Day 79 of Chris Downie's 1,000 days of doing 10 minutes of exercise daily.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011 Day 79
Elliptical Trainer 13 minutes 245 calories burned
Total Exercise Minutes: 13

We went to church this morning and came home and had leftovers for lunch. My son used rub on pork chops and gave my husband money and sent him out to buy top round which he cut into steaks for the gas grill for supper. I heard something and thought Princess was in the trash. I caught her stealing the steaks on the stove. She wolfed down two raw steaks before I caught her, then almost became sick in the house. She didn't get sick once she was outside.
She snarled and growled at me when I tried to get her away from the stove.

I also found pieces of a pencil my husband used on a crossword pencil. His recliner has a plastic container under the right arm of the chair. The top of the arm lifts up and there is a space for a cup or a can and the remote in this container made into the chair. We haven't noticed this behavior before, but Princess is her own worst enemy because she grabs stuff and will eat it instead of giving it up. This occurs inside and outside. I have caught her with nails in her mouth. If she gets sick tomorrow, she will spend the day outside under one of the decks. There is a large Maxwell House coffee container out there with water in it.

If the food stealing and growling becomes something she tries often, I don't know what else to do with her, except to put her down. She definitely shows aggression when she gets a bone from the trash, a whole pork roast or two steaks. When I was bathing Crellie to take her to the vet, Princess ran down in the basement to the the workshop and grabbed Crellie's mouse. It is the only toy Crellie has and she growled at me when I made her give it up. The odd thing is that she will bring the stuff to me as if to show me that she has it and that I can't take it from her. I have no doubt that she would attack me after witnessing her behaviors with stuff she has stolen.
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    I won't ever trust Princess like I did Cinnamon. Princess seems to have a side of her where she had to fend for herself. I think she may have been chained or kept outside before we rescued her, she had so many bad behaviours. The training with the dog trainer helped, but our daughter paid for it, $250 for 4 sessions.

    She had us use Pupperonis to get Princess to "Give" us her toys. It worked. I tried that when she had bones and she didn't go for them. She wanted to keep her prize.
    3647 days ago
    I agree with APPLEPIEAPPLE. She seems to be testing you to see who is boss. How old is she? Has anything happened that would bring on the aggressive behavior? Is she healthy otherwise? I think I would talk to your Vet if this is new behavior to see what he/she thinks. Is she like this with both you and your husband or just you? Lots of questions but you do need to be careful. You certainly don't want to be attacked? Have you had her since she was a puppy or was she a rescue? Sometimes rescued dogs just can't forget abuse or mistreatment no matter how good they have it now.
    Take care.......
    3647 days ago
    Got to keep things out of reach
    3648 days ago
    A bit scary. With all the dogs I have ever owned I have never really had the situation with which you are dealing. She is acting almost like she is challenging your dominance. That is not good.

    Your exercising is going quite well. Keep it up!
    3648 days ago
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