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Thursday, August 11, 2011

This blog is long over do.
I get up everyday with intentions of posting a blog.
I get busy and before I know it the day is gone, I am tired, so I say, I'll do it tomorrow.
My famous words, just like Scarlet, "There's always tomorrow".
I have been walking quite lot . Getting 3 to 5 miles everyday.
I had a cortisone shot in my bad left knee, permitting me to get around real well, as long as the shot lasts. Which is about 3 weeks. It's already starting to go.
But I have my left knee replaced on September 19th. So I can make it do till then.
This last weekend I hiked 5 hours on Saturday. All over Silver Creek falls, and up into the Santiam River area.
On Sunday did over 7 hours hike and treasure hunt in the Portland hills park area and out into surrounding area. Out of 23 couples we came in 9th. Not bad for a couple of senior citizens.
My BF, Jim is in real good shape. You should see him down hill skiing.
He thinks I am terrific. He like the determination and drive I have.
I am willing to try almost anything and when I do I want to do it well.
We are very well suited for each other. People would say a perfect match.
I have always heard that there is that perfect person for everyone. Well looks like after all these years I might have found mine.
I am only one pound from the goal weight of 145 that I set last year.
I don't see my routine changing much when I get to that weight . I will eat a few more calories, but everything else will stay the same.
I have embarked on this change for life. My eating habits are very well set. I don't crave any certain food.. I never have reverted back to old habits. I eat almost everything I want. Just a lot less and not as often.
When your body weight is 146 pounds you don't want or need as much as you used to eat. I can't even imagine going out to eat and consuming a whole pizza.
Or one of the large entrées at some restaurant. When I think of the food I used to consume compared to what I eat now its like unbelievable that any human could eat so much.
My doctor thinks I should weight 136 pounds . That's the weight my body composition figures out to be. So I might set a new goal of 135. If I had the extra skin from my tummy area removed, I would be there already. That will be done in January 2012. So by then I might be 125 lbs. Smile!!. At that point my daughter will be unhappy that I weigh less than she does. She doesn't remember me when I was that small. She was just a baby.
Oh well it's something to work toward. No rush. If I get smaller, fine, if I don't , that's fine too.
Tuesday I was walking Titan, my Yorkie and another lady with her dog , Jake, medium sized older male came toward us. Titan rolled over , very submissive, but the other dog growled and I could see his hackles go up . I knew there was trouble. I scooped Titan up in my left arm, putting my right arm and hand out to block Titan from getting bit. Of course I got bit. Three punctures on fingers and a couple of scrapes.
One bite on first finger was pretty deep and took some skin.
The lady was very upset. She is older and kind of frail. I assured her I would be OK. Just take her dog home. Don't bring Jake out again with out a muzzle and change leads . She had Jake on a retractable lead, those are bad, no control.
The dog was tagged, I checked later and saw his papers. I assured her I would not press charges against her and her husband. They are older and have two dogs. The older middle sized male, Jake and a little female Yorkie., named Mitzi. Mitzi and Titan get along great.
Anyway the time of the attack, my hand was bleeding profusely and I was about 1/4 mile from home. I wrapped it in the end of my tee shirt. and rushed home. I actually ran home . I was carrying Titan. I finally put him down and let him run too. He needs he exercise. He is a little over weight.
I got home and tried to stop the bleeding. I always bleed a lot. That's why surgery is always a problem for me. They have to give me something to make my blood coagulate, then after something t keep it from clotting too much. Its a fine balance. I finally had the bleeding almost stopped. My daughter called and insisted I go to the ER. You only have 8 hours after a bite or cut before infection sets in and it's a lot harder to manage. I thought I could wait and see my doctor in the morning. But my daughter said , NO, go now.
I got dressed and drove to the ER, it was 6:15 . I picked a good time. The evening rush hadn't started. Only about 6 people waiting. Later when I left a little after 9:00 there were over 50 people in the waiting room.
I got waited on right away. They took X-rays. Which I have copies of, am going to frame them, they are cool pictures of my hand. No broken bones. The doctor asked if I knew I have some pretty bad arthritis. Yes, I told him I defiantly know that.
I got a tetanus shot, antibiotic shot. They washed all the punctures out. I lay in a nice bed, with a warm blanket around me, was in a hospital gown. They brought me a snack box,with crackers, cheese, graham crackers, peanut butter , peaches and jam.
I had mentioned I was hungry, getting a little head ache.
The doctor was young, very nice, friendly and did I mention, "handsome". Oh my gosh, I could have laid in that bed and looked into his blue eyes and been very content. But after my hand was dressed and I was given all I needed to take home, I had to thank him and say good by. He had more pressing cases than mine. There was a stroke victim, one heart attack and the police brought someone in. Plus all those people waiting.
He did tell me I could continue with my water activities, but ware a rubber glove, taped tight at the wrist to keep the bandage dry. More so to keep the germs out that are in the pool. They gave me gloves, bandages and tape. Nice. Didn't have to buy any. Probably be on my insurance. Smile!!
I stayed out of the pool Wednesday. But today, Thursday, I had to go. I miss the water too much. No matter what exercises I do , there is nothing I enjoy more than the water aerobics. Plus the chance to jog in place and swim some laps. It is so soothing on your body, and on your joints.
I have learned to type with my middle finger on my right hand. I can still use my thumb. Of course I have full use of the left hand..It's slow, but better than nothing.
I have been GW shopping. GW is Goodwill.
Found some great bargains.
Lovely size "8" jeans. Yes I am into size 8's. Woo Hoo!!!!!
It's funny for years I never hardly wore jeans. Used to have Calvin Klein, but that was back in the 80's. Now I am trying on jeans all the time.. I have 4 pairs.
2 are 10's, 2 pairs are 8's.
I had the 8's on yesterday at the gym, and everyone said I looked amazing.
I had stopped in to tell them I was not working out and about the dog accident. But I really wanted to let them see me in the jeans. Smile!!
I found a new yoga mat at the GW. only $1.99. Plus a ultra suede brown shirt, 1/2 off, $3.50 and another shirt 1/2 off $2.50. I don't need any more clothes.
All I will buy now are scarves, accessories. Usually don't find that at GW.
More like Ross's or Target.
But that won't stop me from browsing the GW, you can never tell what fantastic item you might find. And who knows, might need some 6's someday. Smile.!!
I am baking a peach, blueberry pie. Made the crust, having it chill in the fridge.
Taking it to a pot luck tomorrow. I will fix a little individual one for me.
I made a lovely raspberry pie last week. Gave all but one piece away. It was delicious. I love to bake, but have to have people to eat it. I don't want food like that around for me to eat. Just too much for one person or even two.
Here at my business, we are on a August vacation. I like that the Europeans take the month of August and vacation. Should be like that every where.
I was headed to the coast for a 3 or 4 days. But have to check in with my doctor on Friday. So will stay in town.
I am taking antibiotics and I can't be out in the sun. So that put a damper on BF and my plans.
Jim and I are talking about taking a white water rafting trip. If my knee heals up, we can still do that in October. Or maybe wait till next year.
We are going back to Aspen for the Xmas season. I should be able to ski with out worrying abut my knees.
So in the mean time, it's stick with my healthy eating plan. . Workout and get as fit as I can, before my 70 th, birthday on Dec, 19.
Thought for today."My resolutions should inspire me, not hem me in. If I've grown out of sync with my goals , it's time to reevaluate them."
Take care , stay positive. Believe in yourself.
Peace and Love,
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad the dog bite was not too bad! I had a similar experience when we still had our tiny 3# Chihuahua. Visiting with a neighbor over the backyard fence holding my tiny baby, and their Alaskan Malamute jumped up on the fence with front paws, reached over and grabbed the chi and my left hand in its mouth. He fell back into his yard (with my band and dog in his mouth) and it pulled me to the fence trapped. He shook us with me screaming for help. The poor neighbor was standing there in shock! I had some bad cuts but it could have been worse. The dog wasn't clamping down hard, so no broken bones. Dog never growled or gave any signal. It thought I had a toy it wanted. I didn't press charges either, but I never got so near to the fence after that when visiting them! It was a lesson learned! Much more cautious on walks too when meeting dogs, studying body language. So happy you are OK!
    3594 days ago
    I took the neighbor's dog home one time when he was running loose, and made the mistake of reaching in to shut the door after he was inside. He got my left hand, and my doctor wouldn't see me - just insisted on having me go to the emergency room. The guy who sewed it up told me that dogs to terrible things to people and insisted on showing me the tendon in my left index finger. He told me I was really lucky that it hadn't been severed, and then put just one stitch in the middle of the tear to hold things together while it healed.

    The neighbor wanted to pay for the visit, but I said "forget it." The bill turned out to be $1200, but I had insurance. It would have been really bad if I didn't like "Elvis" and the owner, who is still a struggling college student.

    I'm glad you did go to the emergency room, because dog bites can be serious.
    3595 days ago
    Owie! I got attacked by a German Shepard once and he bit clear through my winter coat and a sweater - I put my arm up to protect my face/neck and he got me at the elbow. I don't like German Shepards any more...

    You are a walking locomotive! Just think what you can do when you get that new knee and can really churn up those steps. WTG on almost reaching your goal. I like your approach to the pies - they are my favorite but like you I can't make one and have it in the house for just two or us. So I never make them.

    Stay strong out there!

    3596 days ago
    Wow Tish---125 pounds---that's a LOFTY or should I say LOW goal. But I know you well, and if you want to get there--you will! You have passed by me. I am stuck around 148, fluctuate between 147-149, which is fine. I'm in size 10's too, and loving it. I like to go out and show off my new body, when I shop I'm always admiring myself in my reflection in store windows.

    I have been making some sweet stuff the last week, healthy versions, but still more than I need, so won't do that again for a while. It's just better for me if that stuff if not around the house.

    That being said, I'm on my way to pick up 5-year old grandson and almost 2-year old granddaughter from their daycare provider. They're spending the night with me and I'll take them home tomorrow. But in the morning, we're going to have an early celebration for granddaughter's 2nd birthday. Her real party is Sunday at her parent's house, but since her REAL BD is tomorrow, I'm going to buy a little cake (very little so there's not enuff for me and there's NO leftovers!) and let her open one of the many gifts I have got for her, including 5 new outfits and 3 pairs of Mary Jane-style shoes. SO CUTE. I am loving buying little girls' clothes finally, after having 3 boys myself, and the grandson, when we got this little girl, I was just elated!

    What great plans you are making for your future--ski trips! Wow--I don't know about how, but when I weighed over 300 lbs., I didn't want to go anywhere near a ski slope. Good job on all the hiking and 9th in the traesure hunt! Who says we're old??!! Sounds like BF is a keeper. I found my keeper 42 years ago, we've been married almost 41 years and everyday I thank my lucky stars for him. If I had never lost a pound, we would still love me. He would hae to take care of me more than he does now, but he never seemed to mind doing that. That's the kind of guy he is--the BEST!

    Have a great weekend Trish--love to read your blogs and catch up on your life. Your little Titan is adorable, sorry for the mishap with the other dog, but at least Titan didn't get hurt! We have to protect our little ones, and I know he is like your baby. Talk to you soon.
    3596 days ago
    Tisha, I don't know how you keep up with yourself! What a work out schedule you have--I so admire that! I'm curious--I know you said you were having surgery to have the excess skin removed in January--did you have any trouble with getting your insurance company to cover the cost?
    Karen emoticon emoticon
    3596 days ago
    Tisha you are just amazing. So full of energy despite little interruptions like your dog bite and bad knee. It will be nice for you when your surgery is over. I went to GW yesterday with my Mom before her two Drs appts. She got two gorgeous silk pillows for her couch for 2.99 and several paperback books for 79 cents that she will pass off to me when she is done. I scored a small table top weber gas grill with original protective cover for 19.99. We are going to get a small gas bottle to try it out tonight. I thought it would be great for camping, tail gaiting and for when we visit the lake again. It will be easier that starting a charcoal fire. So sorry you didn't get to the ocean this weekend but the healing of your hand is more important at this time. There are plenty of other weekends you two love birds can get away. He sounds amazing. Enjoy!
    3596 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Wow, you were very gracious about that dog bite. I sure hope the owner heeds your advice - the next bite that dog takes could be a child and how awful that would be. You are something else. I love your blogs, as you know. You have your own style and it is lovely, like you.
    3597 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    I love YOU emoticon
    3597 days ago
    Love all the details to fill in the basics from your status updates. You are an inspiration to me.
    3597 days ago
    Ouch on the dog bite. I hate that the dog got you but am glad he did not get Titan or he might have been killed.

    I love Goodwill too.

    It sounds like you are doing great!!
    3597 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your fingers, but at least you got to look at a handsome doctor for a little bit! Hope it heals quickly for you.

    You'll love the white water rafting. I've been twice and would do it again in a heartbeat, but seriously if you are having your knee done in mid-September, I would hold off on doing the rafting until next year. Sometimes they ask you to kneel in the raft and that wouldn't be good so soon after your surgery. You will have a great time when you do go!!

    3597 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8480036
    You , my friend, are an amazing sparks motivator. WOO HOO! Have a joy filled day, Karen
    3597 days ago
  • JILL313
    Tisha, You are such an amazing woman, strong, smart, fit, attractive, healthy, great personality honest to gosh you have it all!! I so admire you and it was so great how you took the bites instead of Titan--WTG!! I'm sorry you had to cancel your weekend plans but there will be lots of other better times to go. Enjoy your Weekend.


    3597 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Wow, Tisha that's incredible!! It's people like you who motivate & inspire me everyday. It takes a lot of hard work & dedication to get that far. You Rock!! KUTGW!!!!!

    3597 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/11/2011 7:35:26 PM
    You ALWAYS inspire me!!! emoticon
    3597 days ago
    You rock, Tisha! I wanna be you, when I grow up! emoticon
    3597 days ago

    3597 days ago
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