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Good weekend.. great week?

Monday, August 15, 2011

I must say, I do like our 9/80 work schedule. It allows for every-other Friday off, and this past weekend was one of those 3-day weekends for me. Sometimes, they fly by pretty quickly and it doesn’t seem like I had any time off at all. This one though, was just right (a la Goldie and the Three bears)!

Well, mostly just right. I did nada on Friday. We took Maggie to the vet for her check-up about her ears (they’re all clean and clear now, yay!) and to get the results of her bloodwork to make sure the Phenobarbital was at an acceptable level in her blood – it is. She’s a healthy lil furbaby now, so we’re very pleased with that.

Afterward, I actually found myself taking a nap – practically unheard of! The previous week had taken its toll on me though. Wednesday and Thursday, we had out-of-town staffers in town, so my usual schedule was thrown off. No Zumba or ST on Wednesday (more about Zumba later) and no run on Thursday – I ended up getting home far too late to accomplish either one.

What’s that? Well, yes, I could have still gone to the gym Wednesday, or run Thursday night, we have reflective vests and flashlights, I could have managed, (insert whiny voice) but I was tired (end whiny voice).

It carried over into Friday, and I snoozed more than I should have. It was good, though, because I had to get up early Saturday morning to attend the Pineapple Classic 5K obstacle course with Team Kevin.

Team Kevin – pre-race.

Team Kevin consisted of (left to right) 4My2Kidz’s daughter Syd, me, 4My2Kidz (Molly) and her sister-in-law, Kirsten. Kirsten was married to Molly’s brother, Kevin, who lost his battle against Leukemia several years ago. We participated in his honor, and had a great time. We had to carry a pineapple the whole way – Syd named it Jackson. We had lots of fun, and it wasn’t nearly as hard or muddy as the Mud Run was, thank goodness!

Team Kevin – post-race.

We don’t look much worse for wear, but we were wet and gritty, and happy to be done!

Guess what I did after I got home from that??!?!

Yep, another nap.

Ah well, I guess my body needed it. I did rise finally, and Bill offered to take us out for dinner. Sure, why not? I’d blown the end of the week with eating out Wednesday and Thursday with the out of towners, and with getting a pizza on Friday from Papa Murphy, why not make it a four-day streak of bad eating? We hit SuperKing buffet down on SE 82nd and enjoyed very much. I .. ok, I’m not going to fib. Yea, I had fried things as well as healtheir fare. Meh. It happens.

Life happens, right? I mean, that’s what I tell so many people when they feel guilty or disturbed by their transgressions, whatever they might be. The same applies to me. I don’t feel all that guilty, really – and that might be a problem! Hmmm….

So I had several ‘bad’ days in a row – off-plan days, non-productive days, blah days, fat days, less than stellar days, or just.. days. How do we counter-act less than great days? We do something about it.

I got up at early Sunday morning and went for a run. I’d told Bill that I was going to get up at 4:30 (regular time) and head down to where I work to run the waterfront and Springwater trail to get in my mileage. The Tribe ran 9.5 on Saturday, but I’d missed it to do the Pineapple classic instead – and it was worth it! I needed to get my mileage in though. Bill thought I was nuts to get up at 4:30 just to go run, and I acquiesced and instead got up at 5:30 LOL Eh, it was worth it. I downed some cream of wheat with peanut butter and banana, got dressed, and headed out the door.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a long run by myself. I’m spoiled by the Tribe! I had a route in mind, though, and it worked out quite well. I parked at work and took off. I ran from the far end of the waterfront, past all the bridges (and that was awesome, so see thousands of Bridge Pedal bikers riding along all the bridges and even on the freeways!) across the Steel Bridge over to the Eastbank Esplenade, out past OMSI onto the Springwater trail, then back again. I ended up with 10.5 miles in all, walking a half mile to warm up and cool down in the end.

It was fabulous. Nothing hurt. See, after having a great calorie-zapping Zumba session Monday night, I could barely run Tuesday afternoon. I mean, it felt like my legs were painful lead – they were heavy and draggy and achy and just plain hurt. I’m worried that the twisting and turning that I’m doing in Zumba is starting to effect my legs negatively. If that’s the case, I’m going to have to ditch Zumba until after the Girlfriends Half in October. I can’t hurt like that and keep training and gaining mileage and conditioning.

So to start off running pain-free Sunday morning really was fabulous. My legs felt good. Nothing hurt or ached. I think my only complaint is the way I breathe. Well, and my form, but mainly my breathing. I’m breathing fine, don’t get me wrong. I just sound like I’m going to die! Wheezing and gasping and puffing. Other runners barely make any noise as they’re running. Me, I sound like a freight train or something. I don’t feel BAD as I’m running, but I sound awful!

As people ran past me (lots of people do, often, and I’m alright with that) I’d see if I could mimic their stride – kicking back more, running at a faster pace, shuffling along, a little bouncy, a little stiff. Whatever. I always think I look very sloppy in race photos, mostly because.. I am! My form can barely be called a form because it’s just not good. So for the majority of the run I was thinking “neat and tidy” and “tight and steady” trying to not swing my arms wildly or let my feet flop around. Maybe at some point, I’ll splurge and hire a running coach for a couple of sessions to see what they can teach me and train me about better running form. I’m not hurting myself (I’m knocking all kinds of wood after typing that – does pressboard count??) so it’s not dire, but I’d like to represent just a little better.

10.5 miles later, I headed home. I felt so good, and still nothing hurt. I wasn’t quite as lazy as the previous days – I didn’t nap yesterday! Yay me! I did a few chores around the house, caught up with laundry, played with the puppies, helped with dinner, etc. Nothing spectacular, just normal Sunday things, but all the while I was very grateful that my legs felt so good. I don’t want to go back to the pain I had from overdoing it last go-round. This, though, was what running is supposed to feel like – a sense of accomplishment, a bit of self-pride, satisfaction in getting it done, and eagerness for the next long run coming.

Today is Monday, and I’m hoping starting off this week with that great run will help set the pace for the rest of the coming week. Good food, good fitness, good attitude. May it be so!

I’m 43, getting fit, and being fabulous!
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  • ROXIT22222
    I'm so behind in reading my friends spark blogs. That is great that you got a 10 mile run in. You run like I do. (as read in the other blog) The run walk run walk run... I'm at 5 miles when I go. I am gearing up and thinking of the rock n roll 1/2 in May. Keep up the great work. You are looking good!
    3597 days ago
    Look at that picture! You look awesome, keep it up, I love reading about your exploits.
    3599 days ago
    Wow! 10.5 miles is amazing! I've been tempted to try 4 miles. But haven't gotten the courage yet. You're an inspiration!
    3600 days ago
    Glad you enjoyed the Pineapple Classic! (I did the Crawfish Crawl). I also napped on Saturday which I hardly ever do, must have been something in the air, maybe the clouds? Sounds like Sunday was a nice run also, glad you are pain free after a long one.
    3600 days ago
    You are DOING it!!!!

    Wowsie Lady!!! What a great job!!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

    3600 days ago
    You look fabulous!!

    You are my hero! I am not able to run 10 miles yet, but it is in my future.

    Have a great day!
    3600 days ago
  • DOUGZ69
    OK, so what have you done with the lady I used to converse with last year? Holy Smokes! You are an inspiration. I am now in the Portland area (Tigard). Someday when I can get back to a point where jogging could be option maybe you can point me in the direction of some of these types of groups in the area.
    3600 days ago
    emoticon emoticon on the 10.5 miles. You are emoticon and look FANTASTIC.


    3600 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/15/2011 3:07:02 PM
    You look fabulous! I'm so proud of you for such a long run. I simply cannot imagine it. Some day maybe.

    I keep trying to tell myself this is my life. It's about choices. If I decide to splurge so be it. It's not going to derail me because it's just another day in my life. I'm not going to live the rest of my life never eating anything fun or taking a nap. It's all got to balance out. That is my dream. To live a balanced life, just once, before I die. I'm working on it.

    Keep up the great work!

    3600 days ago
    Oh my gosh Candy I am so very proud of you. Your pic is gorgeous, your attitude perfect. You are living and living healthy. Yeah, eating out and life's interruptions happen. No since in beating oneself up and you didn't. Yeah you! I'm glad your legs are feeling good and you have a sense of accomplishment. Good thing you blogged about it. Now when one of those off days comes along you can flip back to this blog and remind yourself it will pass soon. Congrats on all you've accomplished and I look forward to reading about your coming goals.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3600 days ago
    I know how hard it is to stay on plan with work functions and extra meetings and what-not. You must have needed the rest and it's wonderful that you were able to take naps! I'm a jealous about that.

    You and the rest of Team Kevin and Jackson the pineapple look fantastic. It sounds like you had a fun time for a worthy cause!

    I can't believe you considered getting up at 4:30 on a Sunday for a run. 5:30 seems a little better and it must be peaceful and nice to watch the city wake up. I'm so in awe of you running 10.5 miles...that is amazing! And you felt good and your legs didn't hurt...can't get much better than that!

    You look great and you ARE fabulous; but I think you should change the caption below your pic to "I'm 43, I'm fit and being fabulous!"

    Have a wonderful week!
    3600 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/15/2011 2:34:13 PM
  • GAYLEP67
    10.5 miles!? You are amazing!! I'm glad to hear that you're letting yourself off the hook for the food splurges. You're absolutely right - life happens. Besides, with all of this activity, the odd splurge is probably okay. Happy to hear that you're listening to your body and giving it a rest when it warrants it. You're looking FABULOUS!!

    3600 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6896537
    GETTING fit?? BEING fabulous?? Honey, other than that "brain thing"'re there!!!!

    3600 days ago
    10.5 Miles??


    WOW!!! Great job!

    Sounds like your weekend went pretty good! I haven't graduated to running outside for longer than a few minutes yet, so 10.5 miles is HUGE!!! Keep it up!!
    3600 days ago
    Wow! My beautiful sparkfriend. I don't know where to start.

    1. Cream of wheat with peanut butter and banana sounds awesome! emoticon

    2. Naps are wonderful! emoticon

    3. What kind of shoes do you wear for zumba? There are special Zumba shoes that work well(so I've heard) or Tennis shoes that have the round circle on the ball of the foot help with easy sliding and twisting)
    4. You are running 10.5 miles now???? emoticon emoticon
    5. You're AMAZING and you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! emoticon
    3600 days ago
    You look great - nice picture! And 10.5 miles? That's fantastic... I am intimidated to go running with you now - just puttin' it out there!

    Congrats on your new outlook.

    3600 days ago
    Woohoo, you look fabulous!

    I can't even imagine doing 10.5 miles. You have my sincere and utter admiration!
    3600 days ago
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