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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Or in my case, the shoes on my feet!

I blogged yesterday about my weekend, along with tidbits of trivial info. One such tidbit related to how I felt participating in Zumba classes was doing more harm than good for my legs, and making it very difficult to run the next day.

BigMamaT left a comment for which I am grateful. The best part was this:
3. What kind of shoes do you wear for zumba? There are special Zumba shoes that work well(so I've heard) or Tennis shoes that have the round circle on the ball of the foot help with easy sliding and twisting)

Y'know, I didn't stop to consider my shoes. They're older generic tennis shoes. They're not runners. They're stiff. When I first got them (well before I was Sparked!) they were stiff, and not that comfy, and I rarely wore them. For reals!

But my feet lost weight, so I decided to try the shoes again. I mean, we can't let decent shoes go to waste, right? Well, they're still stiff. They're broken in, it's just their nature I suppose.

I hadn't given them much thought until last evening. I was walking to the gym (I will always rather walk to get my cardio/warm-up out of the way than use a treadmill or bike, call me crazy!) and realized my legs were starting to hurt.


Really?? Yea. My shins started aching. I was pickin' em up and puttin' em down with a quickness. I don't lollygag about when I'm walking to the gym. I'm hot-footin' it! It dawned on me, thanks to BigMamaT, that it's the stinkin' shoes causing the problem!


There was much rejoicing with this thunderbolt of realization hitting me!
emoticon emoticon

Yes, I've worn other shoes in which to Zumba. Yes, Zumba is now also a verb as well as a noun. BigMamaT is right - one needs the ability to slide and swivel and shake and shimmy and twist and shout (shout!) while Zumba'ing. My shoes were preventing me from doing these various required moves.

Think I didn't shed my shoes for Zumba class last night and slide around in my socks? Oh yes I did!

I danced, I shimmied, I turned around, I wiggled, I shook my groove thang like I stole it!

My legs are happy today. My spirit is happy. I don't have to stop making a fool of myself in public while I fling myself about doing my version of dancing!

On a related, but not, side note....
I love you all to pieces. Some of your comments had me going 'pfffffft!' though.
I did 10 miles, yes. I was beat at the end, and how!
I do a run/walk/run interval of 30 seconds/30 seconds (with a few 1 minute/1 minute intervals thrown in for variety!).
I am slow. It took me 2:20 to run that 10 miles. That's an average 14 min/mile.

Many of you can WALK faster than I can run.

Do not be intimidated by that number. 10 is a big number, sure, but it is certainly within your reach, your capabilites!
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  • no profile photo CD1898706
    I LOVE the line, " I shook my groove thang like I stole it! " emoticon
    3595 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/18/2011 5:30:37 PM
    You wore me out reading about your 10 mile run. I am so impressed with how far you've come! I'll be euphoric when I can run that first mile. Glad you found an answer to Zumba. I hear it's so fun, one of these days I'm going to check it out.
    3596 days ago
    Glad You had an "ah-ha" moment!! They make a big difference :)

    3596 days ago
    I cannot walk a 14 min. mile... yet and I sure as... well, you know... can't run it. I'm still impressed by the number 10 no matter how you achieved those miles. I walked 8 miles once and was thrilled and excited by it but have not done it again since. It's on my list. LOL

    I'm glad you figured out the Zumba thing. I'm glad you love it but it was not for me. I bet you had a blast sliding around in your socks! Woohoo!

    3596 days ago
    Okay .. first I have been complaining about mine for a while, but don't want to get new ones till I get some really nice ones! But I had never considered doing it in my socks .. I think i will try that on Thursday .. I bet that was awesome! I am glad you found a way to LOVE THE ZUMBA .. cause it is AWESOME!
    3596 days ago
    I'm glad it was the shoes! You know, Zumba sells these bands that you can slip over your regular tennis shoes that help with slipping and sliding. People in my Zumba class swear by them. You should check them out. (I'm sure they are cheaper than special shoes).

    Also, get a fun belly dancing scarf. You'll feel silly in a good way, and it'll make you wanna shake your hips more! :)
    3596 days ago
    Oh, thank goodness you figured out it was the shoes! Banish them to Goodwill, and let someone who doesn't intend to wear them for exercise benefit from them!
    3597 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1035627
    Great way to figure that out! I love Zumba, but don't get there nearly as much as I should (like never). Congrats!
    3597 days ago
    I think I love you.

    This is just such a wonderful blog. Thanks also for the encouragement (realistic voice) about the number 10. You're rocking it, though.

    I'd love to do my very first zumba class with you!!!
    3597 days ago
    First - I'm glad you got the shoes figured out. I love the image of you sliding around in your socks in Zumba!

    Second - a 14 minute mile is nothing to sneeze at! And maintaining a 14 minute mile pace for 10 miles is nothing short of heroic to me... You are doing a great job - so pffftt right back to you!



    3597 days ago
    You are just so awesome! I'm so happy that Zumba is working out for you.

    Keep on shaking your groove thang like you stole it!
    emoticon emoticon
    3597 days ago
    Candy, I can just picture you jumping around in Zumba with your new shoes on. How fun!!! Glad you got the troubleshooting done.
    And don't discount the 14 minute mile. You did it and at a pace that works for you; let me tell you don't take it for granted what you can or can't achieve. Can't wait to run 10 miles!!!
    Zumba on, girlfriend!!!
    3597 days ago
    emoticon finding out what was causing the leg pain.

    This spring when I started walking again I grabbed a older pair of shoes to set out on my first few walks - got up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom........ emoticon ........holy cow........I could hardly walk, for about 3 days. emoticon

    Needless to say I paid attention to my shoes after that. emoticon
    3597 days ago
  • no profile photo CD557571
    Nice job to find out that shoes are the answer to the riddle!

    And I love that you embrace your slowness. I do that too (although at first I didn't). I may not be fast, but I am totally off the couch while I'm doing it, and I rejoice in that!
    3597 days ago
    Glad you found the answer! emoticon

    I am finding that my shoes make the difference!
    3597 days ago
    emoticon Great blog.... THANK YOU! And THANK YOU to BigMamaT for her advice. I have only done Zumba once with Wii and found it quite difficult for many .....but....socks would be soooo much easier in many ways. I'm gonna give it a try!
    3597 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/16/2011 8:44:31 PM
    What a fun blog! "I shook my groove thang ... " LOL

    Great for you. Glad you're back to having a good time.
    3597 days ago
    Glad you figured it out about the shoes!

    3597 days ago
    Good to know. Also you reminded me I had an u.written goal to try Zumba. Ha! You go girl.
    3597 days ago
  • GAYLEP67
    So now I'm waiting for your VLOG showing us how you Zumba!! I am glad that BigMamaT was able to shed some light on your Zumba challenge and loved your "my spirit is happy" comment - it made me smile and filled me with joy for you.

    emoticon Shake it girl!!

    3597 days ago
    Can I count all the laughter as fitness minutes?? You crack me up girlfriend!

    I'm so glad you figured out the problem with Zumba. Shake your booty! I've got this picture in my head of you sliding around in your socks! LOL!
    3597 days ago
    Yay! So glad you figured out it's the shoes so you can keep Zumba-ing. It looks like lots of fun--it's on my "going to do that" list for when I can do more than 15-20 min. of light exercise at a time.
    3597 days ago
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