12 lbs Away From ONE-DER-LAND!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wow Just looking at the word One-der-land gives me chills. This has been an amazing journey with good and bad days . Its been stressfull and tiresome but sooo rewarding. I feel great! What can get better than that right I feel awesome sooo much energy so much life in me now. No one said it was gonna be easy one thing I know what its gonna be and thats WORTH IT!! I havent seen one-der-land since before my kids so thats about 10 years WOWzers!!! yeah right I know Im soooo excited to get there and stay there. My highest weight was 285 I am now 212 thats a total of -73 lbs wooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Thats a good chunk of change right lol wow im sooo proud of myself. I can finally shop in regular size clothes weird but awesome. For those of you that know TORRID that was my store for many many years Ive had to say goodbye to TORRID its a bitter sweet ending but I no longer fit in their clothes So im on a mission to find a new store. I did go to ross and I still find myself going straight to the PLUS SIZE section lol my husband would say "babe your in the wrong section" it feels weird to shop in the regular side but its something I will enjoy getting used to and I dont mind at all. stay tuned cuz i might just be blogging from ONE-DER-LAND xoxo gina
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