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48 Hours I Want To Skip, But I Can't.!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Three weeks ago I got a call from Dr. Bucks office. I was informed that it was time for another colonoscopy exam. . What, are you kidding me, I just had one 3 or 4 years ago.
No, the nurse said it was 10 years. That's why she needed to schedule another test.
You are supposes to have one every 10 years.
At first I told her I had a knee replacement coming up in September and I would wait till after that was over.
After a few minutes of hanging up I decided to call her back an schedule it as soon as possible. I wanted get it over with.
It's not the most pleasant exam to have, the worst part is the prep. But it is very important and more people should be aware of the dangers that sometime you don't know unless you have this exam .
That is why I am posting this blog. It's not to gross you out, won't go into more detail than you would read in a pamphlet.
Starting a week ago I was not to eat any food with seeds , nuts, flax seeds or popcorn.
Of course right away I wanted berries and nuts. Just tell a person they can't have something and that's what you want.
Also do not eat any fat free products containing Olean or Olestra.
Stop taking supplements and vitamins.
If taking any blood thinners , stop.
Three days before exam stop taking fiber supplements.
Two days before, up till 5:00 can eat soft foods. Avoid fatty foods ad no red meat.
Sure I wanted a big beef steak. Normally I can go weeks without red meat. But that's all I have been thinking about . I want a rib steak with mushrooms. That will be my dinner after., if I am still hungry.
So starting today, Sunday at 5:00 I start my clear liquid diet. Water, coffee, tea, clear fruit juice, no pulp, soda pop, chicken broth, Gator aid, popsicles, jello, not red. No milk, or creamers. That means no smoothies made with milk.
NO ALCOHOL. Darn there goes my planned liquid diet of Margaritas.
At bedtime take 2 Dulcolax tablets. That should be fun!!! WoW!!!
One day before exam, Monday, continue clear liquid diet. NO SOLID FOOD.
12;00 noon, take 2 Dulcolax tablets. More fun!!!!
Stay extremely close to the restroom from this point on. No Kidding!!!
Now comes the hard part. This laxative stuff you have to drink.
Take a flavor packet from the gallon container of Nuytely, which I had a prescription to get.
You add the flavor pack, and warm water, then store in fridge to chill .
4:00 pm , Drink 1/2 of the Nulytely container , 2 liters over the next 2 to 3 hours. One glass every 10 to 15 minutes. Nausea and fullness is common until the laxative starts to work.
If you get sick, during the prep time, wait 30 minutes and start again. Really ???
Day of the exam, Tuesday, August 30.
6:00 am drink the remaining 1/2 of the Nulytely over the next 2 to 3 hours. You must finish the entire gallon at least 4 hours before the exam.
Continue clear liquid diet up to an hour before your exam.
My check in time is 2:45 pm.
The exam it's self takes 2 to 3 hours. Actual time with the camera , while you are under with IV sedation , lasts about 50 minutes.
You can't take a bus, walk or drive afterwards. Must have a person in the waiting room to take you home, since you have been sedated
Now some people have decided to stay awake during the exam. Katie Couric for one.
She even filmed it for the Early show. Colon cancer killed her husband, at 41, . She is a very strong supporter of early testing .
When I weighed today I had lost a pound, but I didn't change my weight. I will wait till after this to see if I can lose a little more. and keep it off.
So it is now 4:00 pm, and I have an hour to eat. But I am not hungry.
This morning I took advantage of the situation and had Eggs Benedict, my favorite breakfast.
I knew the calories I was eating would not have long enough to do any damage to my weight. They were not going to be in my system long enough.
Unfortunately I have to stay home for a few days. No gym tomorrow. So its Nordic track and workouts here at home. The same for Tuesday.
I will return to the gym on Wednesday.
So now you know what the next few days are going to be like for me.
Glad this exam is only done every 10 years.
Take care, stay strong and be positive.
This goes for me too.
Thought for today, "One of my most delightful discoveries is how capable I am,".
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD11632470
    Hi, Sallee here. Fushcia suggested I hook up with you since I had total knee replacement Jan. 9. However, in reading your entries, I didn't get past the one regarding the Colonoscopy. I was on in early Dec. Everything is fine; they said I wouldn't have to have another for 10 years. I got news for 'em. I'm having selective amnesia at that exact time.

    I understand you've had two replacements. My so called "good knee" (left knee) has been injected with Euflexa 2 times (most recently right before replacement of right knee). I am very concerned if I can keep it healthy enough through strength training to keep from losing it. One thing I know; I will not wait as long as I did on the first one. Anyway, I'm whining when I should be celebrating.

    I know keeping my weight down is key. I have 25# to lose to be where I should be; so far I've lost 5#.

    Hope things are going well for you; and, if you have any advice I'm sure open to it.
    I'll review your blogs as well. Thanks, Sallee emoticon
    3421 days ago
    Hope it went well Tish. I've got to get mine scheduled soon. The prep sounds similar, although much more extensive than what I went through prior to my lithotripsy (kidney stone smashing procedure) in April. I had to stay very close to the bathroom--it was no fun at all, but necessary! Your colonoscopy is probably all over by now, hope you're recovered and that you got that nice rib steak you were craving!
    3578 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10573205
    Good Luck Tish, I had my first test done last year and yes I was awake due to the nurse couldn't find my vein. I pray that the result is excellent. emoticon
    3578 days ago
    Oh Tisha, I have been so busy with Bob at the hospital and caring for our dog Chloe that I missed this blog. So today is the day. All the awful prep stuff done. Best of luck. At least they give you a forgetful medicine. You are such a strong woman. You will do fine. I'll be thinking of you.
    -Kristan emoticon
    3578 days ago
    Tisha -
    Good luck tomorrow! Like Jill, I have had 3 of these and the preparation is definitely the worst part. My results were all good - hope yours will be too!
    3579 days ago
    Had my first colonoscopy last year due to abdominal pain. Turned out I had a hernia but glad I had the procedure since they found a few polyps. Nice to know they were removed early.
    3579 days ago
    Great informational blog! Thanks so much for sharing this for those of us who haven't had one yet...So much to look forward to! emoticon Seriously though, thanks for posting and hoping the next 24 hours or so fly by for you! :)
    3579 days ago
    Good Luck, Tisha. I know you can do it! Focus on the benefits. emoticon

    Stay strong,
    3579 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon SERIOUSLY hate these things.
    3580 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Tisha, You are so right this Test is so important and I had my first one done at age 50 and have 2 more since. The first 2 they removed some polyps but nothing the last time I had one. You're right it is the prep that is so awful and you feel so by the time the test rolls around. But, I wish more people would have one as there are still too many struck down with colon cancer before their time. I hope it goes really well for you with a clean report. Take care my friend. I will be thinking of you. . .


    3580 days ago
    I have had two of these and the prep isn't fun. But getting a clean report makes you feel really great. Hoping yours is a great report!
    emoticon emoticon
    3580 days ago
    I had not idea the prep was so involved. Quite a pain actually and they need to find a way to simplify it. I hope your results are good.
    3580 days ago
  • PRINCESS1959
    3580 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    emoticon you are so brave Tisha. I've heard it called a ride on a silver Cadillac... I'm hoping your results will be golden!!!! As I'm sure they will because of how you have been eating and exercising this past year.... not to mention that you'll be clean as a whistle emoticon emoticon

    Stay strong sweetie. I'll be thinking of you emoticon

    emoticon Linda
    3580 days ago
    Tisha, good for you for going ahead with the exam. I had mine in June, and because I had a very large polyp that was precancerous I get to do it all over again in 6-12 months from last June. Not looking forward to it, but definitely looking forward to knowing that they got it all removed and all is well. It is such a very important exam, and I wish more people would follow through and get it done as recommended. Good luck as you "enjoy" your liquid diet. I was so starved I thought I would lose 5 pounds...alas, I didn't lose even one! I think they lace that drink you have to take with some high caloric stuff or something. Will be thinking about you and hoping for the best! Hugs, Jeannie

    3580 days ago
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