Goals I Have Met This Week!

Monday, September 05, 2011

I finally made it to 10 pounds to lose!
I bought a new swim suit!
I made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored.
I made an appointment to have a make up consultation.
I walked 60 min. each day.
I did the elliptical for 70 min. each day.
I strength trained and did core exercises twice this week.
I ate healthy and within my calorie limits under extreme stress.

Now that all sounds great and I realize when I say I eat more and weigh less I sound like a weight loss commercial. However, it hasn't all been so peachy. I have actually retreated to the gym to get rid of angst. Yes!!! I never thought I would prefer exercise over comfort foods and chocolate but it happened. I think it is because I started this no excuses thing. I just have no excuses anymore.

I was the biggest weasel and I could find an excuse for anything but now I am a tiger when it comes to my goals. Now, it could be that I raised my calories to 1700 and it is easier to stay in this range or it might be because I am into a routine and schedule now that the "kids" are back in school. I think it has more to do with my attitude. No more excuses.

We have a lot of birthdays in our family in August. I could have used that as an excuse to eat cake and ice cream but I was really happy with the treat of strawberries and blueberries or watermelon. I could have used the excuse that my 15 year old daughter was brought home twice by the police this week (really) but I stuck with my eating plan and went to the gym to sweat it out and to do my yoga and stretching.

Now I have no excuses--I am really proud of my self. I have finally learned that I actually do come first. My health comes first! This might be a little late in life. I am 54 years old but I feel like I am younger than I was last year.

Now for the rest of September all I need to do is keep doing what I have been doing. No more excuses!
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