Oh Baby!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Last week (Aug 30th, 2011) I found out that I was pregnant. Trevor and I went to our first appointment yesterday (Sept 6th, 2011)and got a peak at our little one. In one of the pictures it actually looked like a large shrimp, coconut crusted to be exact. We couldn’t hear the heart beat yet, but seeing that little flicker on the screen was surreal. There is something odd and wonderful knowing that you are powerful enough and that your body is strong enough to grow another living being inside you.

I set up my next appointment for some testing and had my first round of blood & urine tests done. Kaiser has been remarkably fast about posting my results already. By the time we got home last night from the appointment I was able to log on and see that everything from the urine test was normal. This morning I got the blood results back and again everything looks to be right where it should be!

We also got the exact age & due date for our little peanut. 8 weeks & due April 18th. I have mixed feelings about how far along I am. When first calculated from the first day of my last period, it was estimated that I was about 10-11 weeks along. I thought that I would be almost out of the woods with this morning sickness that has been really getting to me lately, but now I can enjoy a few more weeks of it, at least. On the upside this gives us more time to plan and make sure that we are being as healthy, happy & stress free as possible which is great.

As thrilled as I am I of course would have loved to get down to my goal weight target area, and I am somewhat terrified of gaining weight again. I am going to obviously eat healthy throughout this and exercise moderately once I get my energy back up. I am also going to be taking advantage of Baby Fit, but I will keep updating this too so that everyone can stay in touch & in the loop :)

I am still exhausted, week 7 was so tiring all I wanted to do was nap, but after 8 hours of sleep last night, uninterrupted minus the 3 trips to pee I am feeling much better. I am also still craving meat, severely averted to Thai food and Mexican (specifically burritos with rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole & salsa) have really been hitting the spot lately. After being vegetarian & somewhat vegan for the past 2 years consuming meat is strange but I always told myself that I would listen to my cravings and eat nutritionally balanced meals while pregnant. So while camping I ate an entire bag of beef jerky. I couldn’t help it I think little peanut is craving iron & protein since I lack continually in both of those categories. I have also been fiending for mayo (which I have been trying to avoid, but according to my doctor it should be ok - input?).

Other items that have been craved, but haven’t been consumed yet:
- Spam musubi
- Hawaiian BBQ beef
- Flame Broiler (restaurant in AZ & So cal that I miss!)

I haven’t been craving chicken at all. The though grosses me out, and I am trying to be really careful with the red meat consumption since it is recommended for everything to be lean, etc. etc. But it is all organic, local and ethically raised, etc. so that makes me feel a bit better on the vegetarian ethical side of things.

Things I miss:
- Soft cheeses
- Ramen (FULL of MSG...who knew?)

I am so exited that fall is almost here too.

I also created a Tumblr that I will be updating really frequently and will be using as my daily journal.

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