Don’t let just one thing in your life be the item that defines you.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of my favorite parts of me has always been my hair. I never really had to fuss much with it. A good hair day can and has lifted my spirits on many a day. Then cancer and chemo entered my life and although I remain positive and upbeat throughout this fight…the hair loss was a hard one for me. I thought to myself… Am I really that shallow? And my answer to that question finally is no. It was more of me needing to “mourn the loss” of my hair. Yes, it was a hard thing to go through but, I realized…

My hair does not define who am I am!
My inner spirit is still the same!
The ppl in my life still love me the same…and I love them the same:)

So, remember you are a whole beautiful person.
There may be aspects that you want to change or improve upon but, your weight does not define you completely.
I really believe that if we let our inner spirit shine…
that light will shine through to our outward appearance also.
So, whether it’s extra pounds or a bald head…
stand tall and proud and let your sunshiny spirit shine for all to see!
ps...one of my other favorite parts is still shining brightly...
my smile emoticon
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