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Catching up...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything of substance. Oh sure, I left you a couple of quickies emoticon but it’s been rather scattered. So, I’m going to do a bit of catching up.

I do have to share my HTC experience, so I’ll save that blog for after this.

The two week visit with my mom and Kristan went relatively well. 10 days may be the better option for future visits. There wasn’t anything bad or negative during this visit, but Mom is what I consider high maintenance and wears me out, throwing us out of our normal schedule and habits.

The three of us at Seaside last Friday. It had been stinkin’ hot in Portland the whole time, so we hoped for a warm day on the coast. LOL No such luck for us.

Confession – I weighed this morning and have gained 5 lbs over two weeks – entirely plausible and legit.
I was mostly prepared for this, but it’s still disappointing to see. Not surprising in the least, but a bummer. I’m still quite out of whack, schedule- and routine-wise, so I’ve been even more slug-like this week. My sleep is way off, which leaves me feeling drained at the end of the day. I haven’t bothered doing anything fitness-wise all week, since Sunday’s Pints to Pasta.

Ah, Pints to Pasta.

That’s me, crossing the Finish line (yes, I know the blow-up thingy says Start, it says Finish on the other side) and my mom and Kristan waiting for me on the left there. That was pretty darned awesome, having them at the Finish, truly. Afterward, I gave Kristan a great big hug and got all weepy – what is it with me and weepy 10Ks???

Here are a few more of my pics from the race, if you’re interested.

I finished in 85 min. – 2 minutes slower than my best 10K time. I was alright with that, considering I’d run 6 miles the day before. I had 12 miles on the schedule for my Half training for the weekend, but learned my lesson about over doing it when it comes to mileage. So, I split the 12 in half, and did one each day. I’ve been a bit sore since then, which makes sense since I blew off my maintenance runs during the week.

I’ve also let my time at the gym for ST and Zumba slide off my to-do list. And the PDX90 program.

PDX90 had a VERY rough start, so I lost my enthusiasm for it pretty quickly. It’s offered at odd times, or rather.. times that don’t work perfectly for me.
9 a.m. – I’m at work.
5 p.m. – I get home at 4:30, and barely have time to change and get to the gym for this session
6 p.m. – this would work, mostly, except for the days that I run (or the days I’m supposed to run) and/or do Zumba (which yea, I just said it’s been nearly 3 week since I’ve done this)

I have reverted to type and opted for D) none of the above. If I can’t make a decision about something, I just don’t do anything at all. No, let’s not actually try the 5:00 time, or the 6:00 time to see how it works. Let’s not try running to the gym, doing PDX90, then running home after to see if I can handle it.

No, let’s do nothing at all.

And THAT is the result!

I’m not giving up entirely, though. I’m back on a more reasonable menu once again. Lots of freggies, better protein, less fat. I’m angling toward getting better sleep. I think I was actually asleep by 10 last night, which is a HUGE improvement. Small steps, right? Little bits and pieces of getting myself back together and back on track.

Let’s see.. what else.

Oh yea! I love this part.

Over the Hood to Coast weekend, I chatted with GayeMC, the SparkPortland leader, and asked her if it was rude of me to ask/offer to become a leader for the city team. I love Spark, and I love Portland, so I really wanted to do more to combine the two and see what we can do in Portland as a team. So now I’m co-leading with Gaye, and hopefully we will be able to pull together a SparkPortland meet-up after the Portland Marathon on October 9, after several of us participate in the 10K walk that morning.

I’m sure there’s more, but along with trying to eat better, move better, and sleep better, I need to work on thinking/processing better. My mind is still mostly scrambled (hence jumping from topic to topic) but that should be rectified soon.

Plan of action through Sunday ---
Run this evening
No really, Run
Get your *ss out there and RUN
Please run? This evening, and Saturday morning
Plan and implement a nutritious and delicious menu
Grocery for said menu Saturday
Also Saturday, pick up packet for Race for the Cure
Weigh in and measure Sunday morning – and dutifully log it, ticker and tracker and all! I need a starting point
Sunday, meet up with Gaye and Joelle at Race for the Cure (and hopefully others of you??)
Meet family at Famous Dave’s BBQ joint Sunday evening to celebrate step-almost-son-in-law’s Bday and NOT overeat

There. I can do those things between now and then. I can. I will.
That’s me, being determined.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Family time can be so draining! I guess its just a part of life. It sounds like you are learning a lot about yourself, that's awesome! Juggling work and healthy eating/exercise is tough! I'm sure that you will get back to a routine that works for you.
    3557 days ago
    Family - can't live with 'em ... and ummm can't live with 'em? lol...

    I don't have much family left - so I admit to being a bit envious - yep, I'd even take the high maintenance mom having lost mine in 2004... but I do get the stress family brings. And how it can totally throw your plans out of whack.

    Glad to see you are jumping back on track! And I can't wait to hear about HTC!

    3557 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10649139
    Sounds like great goals for getting back on track.
    3557 days ago
    It's so easy to get out of whack with vacation. And I know from experience that a 'high maintenance' mom leaves me exhausted and a little less able to bounce back from the vacation. Sounds like you got a good plan. The Portland team meet and greet sounds like a great idea. May just have to check out the Portland marathon 10k. emoticon
    3558 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8532529
    Candi...sounds like your making your way back to some sense of normalcy. You'll get it! Glad to be able to read one of your long blogs again! I missed you! Hugs...Robin
    3558 days ago
    What a whirlwind! I think it's ok to give yourself a little slack, here. And a great big pat on the back for getting back to it. So, when you're running this evening (cause I know you will now that all of us know about it emoticon ), think of me. I am going to be running myself here in about an hour and a half. (Gotta let dinner settle....) Think of me, and I'll think of you as my running buddy all the way over there on the west coast. Run like the wind!
    3558 days ago
    Hey, cool to see a photo of you with family. I hadn't even caught on you had a daughter!

    And your logic of not exercising since you couldn't decide on which to make work made me think of me eating a piece of cheese before my HTC ghost run made sense -- I was thirsty, so somehow a slice of cheese with that salt was going to help me retain fluids better for my run so i wouldn't get Pretty funky logic there on my part. I was too excited about the race to think that if I was thirsty, perhaps I should drink some water.

    Thinking about the 5 o'clock class, have you considered bringing a gym bag to work and maybe a quickie snack before class...

    So get in gear, woman, because it's much more fun to be in gear than outta gear! :)
    3558 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8072637
    Glad you had a great time with the family. Yes, it does get you out of whack, but ya know, sometimes it is soooooo worth it! What I wouldn't give to see some of my family right now, especially my mom in Scotland. So even though you gained 5 lbs., you have the boost of time spent together to hopefully overcome the physical changes your body dealt with over those 2 weeks. I'm jealous.

    I know you'll get back on track. You always do. You're on the journey, motivating even in your lack of motivation. People get to see someone who is real, who is dealing with the ups and downs of real life, and they get to see that through those ups and downs and challenges, there CAN be success along the way. So as always, thanks for being you and for telling us all about it. Your honesty, wit, and all around wonderful personality inspires so many, myself included. Love you honey! emoticon Christine
    3558 days ago
    Beautiful pic of you and your family! We love them, but I would agree with you that we need to keep the visits from being too long. Time to get yourself back on schedule, and I know you will!!! The thing with the coastal weather, when it's nice here, it's usually foggy at the coast...which can be a good thing if you want to cool off! The weather around here was absolutely gorgeous's great that your family was able to be here to enjoy it!

    You sure do have alot going on...always inspiring! Keep doing what you're doing girl, and don't worry about those extra five. Now that you're able to get back into your usual routine, they'll disappear quickly!
    3558 days ago
    Congrats on the 10k!

    If I don't like an exercise (I hate core exercises) then I tend to let them slide too. I like that you are determined and that you have a plan.


    P.S. Psst, here is one of Mustang Sally's gold stars for you emoticon
    3558 days ago
    Congrats to you for surviving so many days of family. Wow that's a long time! 5# isn't so much, but I would be curious if you can identify the why of it. You know for your own self the next time. Maybe you could make a list and when the next time comes along chose one thing from the list to not do. I came up with this idea for myself recently when my routine gets out of whack for reasons beyond my control. Your plan sounds solid. Getting the sleep is always a struggle for me. I just want to do so much and then it's 11 o'clock dang it. So, ok beautiful lady, carry on. You can and will do it and I look forward to your HTC blog. emoticon
    3558 days ago
    I'm sorry about your weight gain, but at least it wasn't completely unexpected. Maybe much of it is water, and you'll have it off in no time!

    I relate to not doing anything when I can can't make a decision. That's another area I should work on. Sigh!

    We have family here for a few days and then family coming in Oct. and it is challenging. At least everyone has their own things to do most of the time this week so I don't have to cook and entertain a lot. Still it's very hard and I think you did awesome!

    Congrats on being co-leader! I'm sure you'll be an awesome leader! And way to go on setting manageable goals for the short term future. You'll be on the way to lots of success and this little bump will be a distant memory soon.

    3558 days ago
  • MILLY61
    Well now, that sounds like a plan, you're going to have a great weekend and will start next week on a really positive note...I'm excited for you emoticon
    3558 days ago
    If you run, I'll give you a sparkly star and you KNOW how much I love my sparkly stars. LOL

    I think you can do it, no, I know you can do it. If I can get myself to put my book down (and my 80# lap dog) and do ST, then I know you can do your running.


    If you go to Famous Dave's, take notes. I love that place but always over eat. Ugh! Maybe you can hold a workshop! LOL

    3558 days ago
    Bummer about the weight gain! I bet it will be gone in no time now that you're getting your schedule back.

    Love the pics! Thanks for sharing them. Congrats on the co-leader thing and your run. I wish I were closer. I'd love to meet up with you guys!

    Love determined you! Glad you're back in action again.
    3558 days ago
    Having family visit tends to throw everything off more than a little bit--fun, but it can wreak havoc on our routines! Yay for you helping with the Spark Portland team, I'm sure you'll be great as a co-leader. You can do this. You WILL--go get 'em, girl!
    3558 days ago
  • LISA01605
    I can really relate to your blog! I was on vacation for 10 days ending Labor Day and I am still trying to find my footing. Against my best intentions my eating fell way off over vacation. I didn't even keep up with juicing. I wanted to work out but never go to the gym. I did do a lot of physical work at home like yard work and painting so I kept moving at least. Last week I really focused on food- back to juicing and veggie recipes. This week I got back in the gym and got some cardio in. Next week I go for the trifecta and add ST. The good news is that I lost the 3.5 pounds I gained over vacation. I don't know why it's taking so long to really get back to a routine. Anyway, I feel your pain! Get out there and run!
    3558 days ago
    Yay! So sorry you gained weight during the visit but here's a whack to get you"back in whack" (since you were out of whack!). So you can't find time to do PD90x. So what? Do something else that you truly want to do that works for you rather than cramming it in your schedule. This is supposed to be FUN, not work to fit!!
    Love the run picture. You look great. And I get weepy after running races too because I never thought I would-and I can. So exciting that your family can see the changes and successes in you.
    Keep taking your small steps in the right direction-and get your **s out there and run! Wish I could run with you but it will be in spirit. Chicago is too far to meet up after dinner.
    Congrats on the co-leader!!
    3558 days ago
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