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Saturday morning 9/17/11

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Well, this is the year of getting things done, so I am back again at SparkPeople. They say you should log your fitness and what you eat. Using the computer is easier than having a spiral note pad (although I may start doing that if I fall off this wagon again).

As I said, this is the year of getting things done. In a nutshell, he is leaving his job, retiring after 30yrs. My husband really HATES his job, so much so it is affecting his health, and definitely his temper. He has Type2 Diabetes that he doesn't take care of, HBP, High Colesterol, and this makes for a snippy bi-polar unhappy man. He was put back in his old job doing floor work after being the floor manager for 15yrs. He is 58 now, and has been doing the floor job for 2+ years. You can imagine what it would be like to be the king, and then one of the new kings servants, not to mension how humbling/humiliating it feels eventhough it was just downsizing that made it happen (not his work ethic). Well, he was a good king as manager so his people welcomed him back into the fold with open arms, ...but he is so unhappy and hates the job itself. Sooo, he is taking the voluntary layoff and will be unemployed(retired) the end of October. Well, you can see where that puts me...
Soooo,...we knew we were planning for this for about a year and we went to a financial advisor and he said we could do it, though Dave would have to do a parttime job, bring in some extra money. My job is secure and I have healthcare. So we planned and went to a lawyer and performed a miracle,...drumroll... we got rid of spousal support!!! This helps a lot, and we also enrolled my daughter in public school which frees up more bills. My daughter is so happy, she loves school now, but I am worried that the subjects are too easy compared to private where they worked her like a dog! So, we got rid of 1/4 of our monthly bills. Dave only has to make up for the other 1/4th. He wants, more than anything, to give drum lessons. So this is his new endevor, and it won't cost too much to get started. We shall see how it goes for about six months, and if its not enough income to get us through, he may have to be a greeter at Sam's Club or Walmart.

Well, I am still trying to come to terms with my father's death. He died of Taxes. He had to get them done, but didn't have a form, so on April 12th, he worked on them, went to obtain the form twice, and finally walked the dogs. After the walk, he walked into the den, told my mother he had an extreme headache and hit the floor. He died. My mother tried CPR but no use, and the paramedics weren't there for at least 10 minutes. My dad was 80 years old with no health issues except HBP. He only got HBP issues when he was stressed or his schedule was inerupted. Otherwise, I thought he would live to 96! So I am coming to terms with health and loss and my mother (which is another story). On that note, Dave went to visit his mother and had a great time seeing friends and family. This was real good for him. I am hoping it will get him to focus on health.

AND Here We Are! My health for the most part is good. But I am overweight, and I will be 47 next month. My husband got a brand new HD Video Recorder for Father's Day. Oh, how I am out of shape. I have seen myself in this video and it isn't pretty. I have a hard time getting up after kneeling, and I get winded A LOT. Well, we just watch the summer video of me filling the kiddy-pool, and it is NOT pretty! Oh, the horror... so upsetting. So, being that I am so uncomfortable, and not liking what I saw in the video,... I am back on Spark. I will start with walking my dog. This I enjoy. I got me some Sketcher Shape-Ups, though I don't have much faith in them being better than regular shoes. Also, Biggest Loser is starting up, and maybe I can lose with them this year, instead of just watching. My husband says he is going to have a relationship with the sidewalk once he retires (I will believe it when I see it, but he will definately have the time). I told him he should set a goal of 10% of his weight to start. I think with him not working a job he hates, it will boost his outlook. My daughter is starting to get aware of health and is eating less fast food. She gets the salads at McDonalds and BurgerKing. She wants to be more fit, and is enjoying PE at school (school just started). She may be in the marching band. She says she wants to do track? Now this is pushing it, but then again, she is not a couch potato all the time like her half-sisters (I could not get them walking around the block).

So I am trying to be encouraging for her and my husband and all they want to do this year. My parents were not very encouraging to me, so this is something new for me to learn. I always take the negative/realistic spin, maybe so I won't be disappointed. I want to turn that around. I know it would help if I felt good about myself bodywise. I was very healthy before I met my husband, but I have to remember that was when I was younger and most young people (20's) are generally healthy. I know I gained weight because I like food now, my husband is a great cook, and my family loves to eat so I join them. We need replacement tharapy,... replace ice cream for sherbert, rice with peas or greenbeans, breakfast with fiber cereal and muffins. Pick the healthier choice, and smaller portions (not easy to get them to cut back, but you can pre-portion into servings before serving it, that helps). Well, this is the quest. We still have 3 1/2 months till the end of the year. We have gotten a lot of life organized. We can do this! Its not rocket science.
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    Sounds like a lot of changes all at once. Take it one day at a time. We can be better in our late forties! emoticon
    3563 days ago
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    you can do this
    3563 days ago
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