*whimpers* I hafta do what, now??

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ugh...this week's challenge hits me where it hurts. Physical activity. emoticon

I spent all night thinking about it last night, instead of doing it, and then feeling guilty. I know that today is a new day, and a chance to do what I'm supposed to do. But damn, I just don't want to! I have the best intentions, all day long...then I walk in the front door, and all I want to do is melt into my computer chair or my couch and relax. Dinner is my "enjoy" meal. I always leave a few extra calories to play with that meal, so I can have something a little richer, a little more savory. I want to relax with it. I don't want to change clothes and hit the streets, put a video in, find a place in front of the PC to workout. I know I have to...I know I need to...I just don't WANT TO! And that's a problem.

Last night, I was working on turning that around. I told myself, "Yes, Beth...actually, you DO want to. You signed up for this challenge. You did that knowing there would be workouts. You knew, and you WANTED it. Which means you do want to work out and exercise. " I actually couldn't come up with an argument against that, either...because it's true. I DID know there would be exercise. That IS why I signed up. So why didn't I DO it?!

My own resistance is just baffling me. Because it's not like I can't enjoy walking, either...even though my brain is whispering that I HATE it. I enjoyed the walk this weekend. It was hard going up hills, sure, but no where near the embarrassing event I had worked up in my head. It was fine. I enjoyed it. I was happy when it was done....but I enjoyed doing it, and I felt satisfaction knowing I could do it, and (ok, a little ashamed of this one) that I could do it more easily than my friend did!

So, I enjoyed it, I want it...why, why, why am I still resisting DOING it?!? I'm so frustrated with my mind!
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    Put your workout clothes on as soon as you get home. Once you are in them, it is much easier to talk yourself into doing the exercise. The hardest part for me is getting myself to put the clothes on.

    Also, if you do your exercise when you get home, before sitting down, you will be able to enjoy your nice dinner and t.v. time with the satisfaction of knowing that you did your exercise. You and I both know that once you sit down you are not likely to get up and do it later. (I never do)

    I don't like exercise yet either but, I love the "high" I get when I am proud of myself for doing it! Just kick those negative thoughts out of your head...repeat "I can do this" "I can do this" "I can do this"...say it until you believe it! :0)
    3552 days ago
    I think that may be exactly what my problem is - go big or go home mentality tells me if I don't do something massive, it doesn't count. The last two days I've spent HOURS in grocery stores, searching for things, so I counted those as walking 30-minute miles. I don't know if that's accurate, but SP doesn't let me track shopping, so....I'm claiming it. And I guess that's what I need to do - what I can, and claim it. Because I can do calf stretches in the shower, and wall pushups before bed...I just didn't know how to track them.
    3553 days ago
    Without a doubt, our minds are our worst enemies!! I'm the same way with exercise. I have the best of intentions but that's all they end up being... intentions. I think our biggest problem is "perfectionism". We think we have to do so much, perfectly. We have the go big, or don't go mentality. We need to remember that everything counts. Even vacuuming. It's just like walking, right?

    *Hugs* girlie!
    3553 days ago
    Here's an idea: don't do it all at once, do little bits here and there throughout the day. In the morning, when you first get out of bed, do some stretching and maybe some wall pushups (LOVE how my back feels after doing those, nice and stretched out). In the shower and while getting b'fast, maybe do some calf raises. Look for times during the day where you can take just a couple mins for YOU and pretty soon all those little minutes will add up to big minutes! Hope this helps! :)
    3553 days ago
    Sounds like you have the same problems I do. lol Some good suggestions here though. I'm going to have to try them. Just one day and one step at a time.
    3554 days ago
    I couldn't manage to get in my workout yesterday either. I fought it the whole day and then had no energy in the evening. I really need to try and get it in in the morning because I just carry the dread around with me all day. Today is a new day and I am sure we can both get our minutes in.
    3554 days ago
    ok...so I can truly relate but I have a trick that might work for you...


    Dedicating a half hour seems like FOREVER to work out. But is a 5 minute dance in the kitchen while cooking that unreasonable? A brisk 5 minute walk to the mailbox? Running upstairs with items that need to go up there anyways?

    Break it up and maybe it will just seem a little less daunting than imagining a dedicated half hour or hour with workout clothes and full on exercise.

    Hope it helps!!
    3554 days ago
    I hear you. I have been setting very small goals for my weight loss this time because I want to meet them, which makes me more inclined to add more goals and keep doing them. My goals for the last week have been starting to exercise consistantly. I'm not doing much yet, but it's a start. Set small goals - do 20 push ups and sit ups before you take a shower in the morning. It's only a few minutes and you can do it in your pajamas, but over time you'll see your body finding it easier and easier to do. Then walk in the evenings, but if you have an evening when you are legitimately too tired to do any walking, you will know that you have at least engaged your muscles for a few minutes in the morning.
    Good luck with whatever path you choose! emoticon We're rooting for you! emoticon
    3554 days ago
  • WHOIAM76
    I can totally relate to what you are saying! I hate to work out too. I actually have come up with a reward system that helps me...because I really don't like working out everytime I do I give myself a treat, something like a extra long hot bath, read a couple of chapters out of a "fluff" book, or maybe watch my favorite show.
    3554 days ago
    I hate the moments before working out - I never want to and it's just tough to get going. and I hate the first few moments where my body is going OUCH just stop. But once I get in the zone and immediately after finishing I always feel SO much better. I need to remember that the more energy we expel, actual gives us some energy too. I have issues with that and need to remind myself daily that I like how I feel after :) We can do it. baby steps!
    3554 days ago
    I have considered doing it in the mornings, but then I get up in the morning and I check emails, take a long shower....drag my feet....have some coffee....and I don't have time. LOL! It's all excuses, I mean, I am aware of that...everything I'm saying is an excuse. Just...UGH! How do I get past it?! And why is my brain doing this?!
    3554 days ago
    Have you considered doing it in the morning? I HATE working out in the morning, BUT once it is done, it is over and in the evening when you want to be relaxing, you don't have to worry about exercising, because you already did it.
    Worth a shot.
    3554 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10871687
    Whenever i go for a walk , i take the time to make a playlist that will keep me going on my ipod and i usually start the music before i'm out of the door. I guess in a weird way , i'm setting the mood for myself :P We all want to work out, to sweat it off , like you said , we entered the challenge because we wanted it, but , i think we are creatures of habit. It's not easy to change a pattern that we have done for while. Especially when we are comfortable in it. You don't need to start with a bang and go crazy on the first day. Do what you are comfortable of doing and crank that music up ;) You probably already know about this, but there's a feature on the site that let's you get a map/route of what a mile in your neighborhood is. Maybe , seeing how many miles the walk you wanted to do actually is , could be a source of motivation. I'll leave the link here , again in case you didn't know ... but in a way i have a feeling you already do.


    I hope that was helpful :) And if you ever need anything , i'll be there to help :)
    3554 days ago
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