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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Menopause has never been a true issue for me. I have been very happy to not have a monthly visitor and the major mood swings that went along with it. At times I have questioned the need for HRTs, but they control the hot flashes and night sweats. My dr feels since this all started when I was in my late 30s & early 40s that it is necessary for me to be on hormones. Maybe she is right but I am starting to really wonder if they are the reason why I can't seem to lose weight consistently. Or am I looking for excuses?

I started my journey into menopause 8 yrs ago (2003) when I went into to get my tubal ligation. The dr found a terratoma on one ovary and removed the ovary. Then about 3-4 years later, I was doubled over in pain and in the emergency room, we discovered that I had an eptopic pregnancy and the dr removed the fallopian tube and 2nd ovary but refused to do the hysterectomy. I started on HRTs about that time, but I can't remember which one. A year later my uterus was full of fibroids and the dr decided it was okay to do what I wanted from the beginning, a hysterectomy. 3 surgeries affecting my lower ab muscles. Do I stand a chance of them ever being flat again without a 4th surgery?

I have been on HRTs since my early 40s and the dr wants me on them until I am 50. I don't know if I want this. I took myself off the premarin (that I am currently taking) this summer. I lost 10lbs in a month but I was sensitive and not feeling the same. I started taking the premarin again and the weight I lost has crept back on and I really want to say my cravings for sugar have increased again. Does anyone else find this?
My sensitivity issues seem to have stopped though.

I have an appmt with my gyn in 3 weeks and I really hope to be able to get some answers.
Thanks for listening.
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    JerseyGirl I had an early, menapause, started when I was 27, I took birth control until I was 35, made the dr do the blood test and it showed I was indeed there, I havent had a period since I was 34, My Doctor gave me premarin and I took them for several yrs when I was 38 I had blood clots in my left leg, 5 of them,the only thing my dr said that contributed to them was the hormones, I went off the pills boy oh boy did I go in and out of my body for yrs, my husband(then) didnt and didnt want to try to understand so he found someone new! Sad but true! I am 50 now and havent really had any bad out of body experiences in awhile :) Oh the hot flashes comes and goes but for the most part I think my worst part is over or ( I pray it is) So I feel for you I really do!
    3471 days ago
    I concur, if possible, find a new doctor. If not possible...find a great nurse practitioner. Keep sparking!
    3474 days ago
    I used premarin cream for vaginal dryness, etc. for one month. The month of August. It started out okay and by the end of the month I was a complete hormonal mess!
    I probably should point out that I haven't had my period for over 2 years. I started my peri-menopausal phase at about 36 and it went on for 12 freakin' years!! I was on an emotional roller coaster for those 12 years and only tried natural things like evening primrose oil and wild yam cream for "hormone replacement." The evening primrose oil seemed to really help me, but I have heard from others how it has affected them negatively.
    By the time I was 48 my periods were few and far between, but more than that. It felt like a switch flipped and my mood swings just stopped.
    Now I'm 50 and after being on premarin for just that one month I can tell you it made me bat $hit crazy AND have my period! After discussing alternative methods of hootchie kootchie with my parther, I ditched the cream and I think it has taken until recently for the hormones to get out of my system.
    What has helped me with hot flashes is soy milk. I stopped dairy when I was having gallbladder troubles last November and that's when I started drinking soy milk. The hot flashes slowly went away after about a month or so. If I don't have soy milk every day (I drink about 6-10 ounces each day) then the hot flashes creep back into my life and they usually only happen at night which as you know, makes sleeping rather a fleeting thing.
    Here's hoping you get it all figured out. Do your research. There is so much info online and you really have to be your own advocate these days when you go see your doctor. Go into your next appointment having studied your own problem and coming up with a selection of alternatives YOU are willing to consider.
    3479 days ago

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  • YIWEN39
    I agree with the advice already given... maybe you need a new doctor? I really don't know much about those issues but I think there are alternatives.
    Good luck on your journey!
    Best wishes :-)
    Eve emoticon
    3490 days ago
    I had surgical menopause beginning at 40..tried the hormones at my GYN's insistence, gained wt like there was no tomorrow without changing my food intake or exercise level in the least, and felt lethargic. As a nurse I was not liking some of the study results done on HRTs anyway, so took myself off them . My Dr. told me I would age faster, get more lines, have multiple problems. 24 years later I can say I haven't. I immediately lost 10 lbs. I have to exercise more and eat less to stay within my wt. range and maintain my fitness than I used to these days , but I strongly suspect that's a factor of being over 65 and retired more than it is being untreated by HRTs. To be honest, for women's health matters i have always been happiest with a female GYN..and switched to one. They are more approachable , up on the latest in women's health studies, and more likely to listen to what makes their patient's happy and comfortable. We know our bodies, after all..try switching and see what a new Doc thinks who is really listening to your conerns.
    3490 days ago
    I think it is unfortunate that your doctor made you go through 3 surgeries to do what should have been done in one. I think you need a new doctor. I work for a group practice and most of them agree that HRT is not the answer. Woman that come in new to the practice on HRT are strongly encouraged to taper off and quit. You didn't say if you had any children, but there are many risks and they increase if you don't have children. While night sweats and the rest are no fun, moderate to intense exercise has been proven to help with some of the symptoms of menopause. (probably not night sweats, unless you want to jump out of bed and jog!) I hope some day there will be a better answer for this problem but right now there isn't a whole lot woman can do. There are some OTC herbal remedies out there ask your NEW doctor about them. Some woman swear by them. Hope this helps. I am 45 post hysterectomy and I think if I keep saying I will not go through menopause I can avoid it!
    3490 days ago
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