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Saturday, October 15, 2011

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I just completed my five-week training this morning AND today was RACE DAY! I did my very first virtual 5K, and although it took me a little longer than most -- I am not ashamed to say it... 74 minutes -- I am just so happy that I was able to physically do this. I am happy because my body is adapting nicely and is allowing me to undertake this walking challenge. My back and core are feeling stronger and my optimism has returned.

This morning, everything seemed to align perfectly to allow me the most calm, comfortable, and pleasant walk. It was cloudy enough so that the sun wasn't beating down on me. That coupled with the delightful fall breeze helped to keep me from overheating.

I took it all in... the ducks by the lake who seemed to be waiting for me at my halfway mark, as if greeting me with a "You go girl!"... the four different teams of bicyclists who were out there looking beautiful, living the adventure, joining me in my quest for this accomplishment this morning... the different walkers and runners who'd pass me by who would say, "Good morning," and to whom all I could offer was a smile and a big thumbs up as I walked by because I was slightly out of breath... particular songs on my i-pod that seemed to play just at the very moment I needed them, from "Come Sail Away" by Styx to songs from the Armageddon soundtrack and ending with Bob Seger. Gotta love Bob Seger.

I wasn't focused on speed. I was focused on the miracle of it all... that not too very long ago I could barely get out of bed and walk due to herniated discs in my back and severe nerve impingement. I thought about how uncomfortable and skeptical I was the first two weeks of training and compared that to where I am now on this glorious day... walking a 5K and feeling more positive, confident, and uplifted. I feel like I am back in that Spark Zone, where I have stopped doubting and have started believing again.

I have become a walking warrior, pushing through, pushing myself both mentally and physically, telling myself, "YOU CAN DO THIS; YOU WILL DO THIS, PERIOD." And with each step of my walks, I release more and more toxicity from the deepest anatomical, emotional, and mental layers within me.

Maybe one day, I'll join all you other wonderful walkers in completing a 5K in 48 to 58 minutes. It's a worthwhile goal to have. In the meantime, though, this morning, I am celebrating the possibilities AND the realities, because they are somehow starting to meet in the middle and allowing me to dream... and dream big.

So let's do this!!!


You enable me to strive for a better quality of life, a better today, a better me.

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