FAILURE is not the falling down-- it’s the staying down!!! (PHOTOS)

Monday, October 24, 2011

This is me "before" I began to lose weight in front of my paintings in Santa Fe. Don't I look happy!? My arms are so large they don't even lay next to my body.

I got off-track during 2009 & 2010 and gained -- I allowed the THREE WHITE DEATHS back in:
I thought 2011 would be different, and I worked very hard, exercising 2-hours-a-day, eating only 1200 calories-a-day... planning, journaling, recording.... to the detriment of producing my paintings... only to lose mere ounces each week and I surrendered to my body for a season. I continue to struggle.

This is the picture I took when I began to lose weight; then after I lost about 60 lbs. I've now gained 30 lbs back and I could share with you several excuses to tell you 'why!' But I won't.

I am here to tell you that I am DETERMINED! ... I'm starting fresh... AGAIN!!!

This thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down-- it’s the staying down!!!


NO EXCUSES: I never get anywhere when excuses pave the path.

NO EXCUSES: There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're COMMITTED to something, you accept NO EXCUSES; only results.

NO EXCUSES: A person who wants something will find a way; a person who doesn't will find an excuse.

I am making this my most memorable NEW START! I'm going to Feed my Spirit (instead of my physical body)! This is the time of year I will begin to plan for Christmas a little...

Remember when you were a kid around Christmas time? The anticipation? The nervous excitement? It’s fun watching children live this out each year. It helps remind me of what it’s like to pour emotional energy into a single moment in time, all because of the promise of a payoff. emoticon

This realization had me asking myself this question, “Why Am I Giving Up Before the Payoff?”

I was able to think of many excuses – everything from “my husband tempts me away from the healthiest choices” to “I’m an emotional eater, and I’m going through an emotional crisis”. All of the answers were important to work through because they’re extremely relevant and can help in keeping my commitments.

Another important question for me to ask is, “What Is the Payoff For Me?” In other words, “Why am I giving up donuts and pizza every day for broccoli and smoothies?” Why would I want to wake up before the sun comes up, strap on sneakers, and go for a half-hour walk in cold when the bed is soooo warm?

Then I realized this...

“If my ‘Whys’ are important enough, my ‘Hows’ are easy.” If I'm motivated enough to do something, I’ll figure out a way to do it, no matter how challenging it is.

I need to continually ask myself... What’s that thing that will get me through the difficult places in my health commitments? What drives me to overcome diabetes? What compels me to lose weight? Unless I have something tremendously powerful pulling me through, I’ll remain over weight and never reach my goal.

In the end, the thing that drives me – REALLY drives me - is the thing I have to keep in the forefront of my mind every single day when I decide what I eat, whether I exercise, what to do when I crave sweets, etc.

One passage in the Bible says, “My people die for lack of vision.” What I need is a vision to prevent my commitments from dying. I need not only a plan, (the How), but I need reasons to stick to the plan, (the Why).

This year, I want to give myself an incredible gift!! I want to figure out what my “WHY” is! Discover WHY I want to do whatever it takes to get into the best shape ever, or to have more energy than I did in my twenties. I MUST have a reason – and preferably a time frame – for accomplishing it. It’s up to ME to figure this out.

Take care, my friends. WE CAN DO THIS!!!
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    Thanks for the inspiration. I've been absent for the last 2 years. I had 2 knee replacements, 'died' on the operating table, and if anything could go wrong int he last 2 years, it did! Spent months in the hospital, but I can't use that as an excuse. I got used to doing nothing and really haven't exercised in 2 years!!! I've gained weight and am the heaviest I've been in my life, but I am DETERMINED and COMMITTED! Just got back from 45 minutes at the pool. I was afraid to show myself in public with two cut up knees and all this fat, but decided that hiding would only make it worse. So I went and I feel great! Congrats to all of us!

    3254 days ago
    just keep trying I go backwards sometimes but I turn my head back to the progress and get past the back slide.

    3517 days ago
    Looking like a sexy lady there. But what I really would have liked to see was you galloping from you car to the resturant. LOL
    3519 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1935667
    emoticon emoticon

    Excellent train of thought, Camille.

    I have been thinking along similar lines. I have been working on feeding my spirit and it does make a difference.

    I feel that going from general goals to specific ones are more motivating.

    You can do this.

    emoticon Dianne
    3519 days ago
    WONDERFUL blog!!!! I can't believe you read my mind!!!! LOL!!!! I am kinda in the same thought process that you are!!!! I have just been floundering since Jim died!!!! I need to get off tilt & get back to taking care of me!!!! Thanks for helping me to focus!!!!
    Hugzz ~ Jae emoticon
    3519 days ago
    You can do this! I've figured out when I started this 80 lbs ago...that I wanted to SEE me again. I could see her in my head, and I prayed. "Lord, help me" and everyday, it was a struggle to say no to my favorite foods, and push myself to go for a walk, but everyday it got easier. And I realized I wasn't alone. He was walking by me the whole time.

    You aren't alone, you have a WONDERFUL team of Cougars with one of the GREATEST women I've been lucky enough to have known in my life as a Captain. We all walk with you. Now you just have to be willing to reach for that girl you see in your head...ounces, pounds, it doesn't matter, EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS! If you lose .01 ounces a week, that's still .01 ounce that you have gotten off! Celebrate! Life happens once...and what we work so hard for is what we will cherish the most.

    I'm sure you don't just do 'paint by numbers' you CREATE your amazing paintings, from your heart!!!! So create yourself my friend. You can do this!!!!
    3519 days ago
    Commission yourself just as if someone were commissioning you for a painting Camille with a deadline and put yourself on the same strict schedule and pressures. I've seen THAT work.

    And visualize those chaps you described in the den this morning with you in something equally alluring say by June? What shall you wear when you do your opening at the Bellagio?

    Together we CAN!
    3519 days ago
    Yahoo! Great blog!
    3519 days ago
    We CAN do this.. Hugs
    3520 days ago
    I have every faith that you can do whatever you set your mind to. And it seems your mind set is paving the way to a new and healthier you.

    3520 days ago
  • RSCHUL12
    3520 days ago
    Powerful blog, got me to thinking also. About the Why and the Pay Off.
    You have already proved you are capable, keep going- dont stop, ever.

    Shel emoticon
    3520 days ago
    3520 days ago
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