Are you a Food Dog or a Non Food Dog ....a bit of dog psychology

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There is couple of dogs in my life Tigerlilly and Amber. Tigerlilly is a rescue dog, is always looking for food and thinking about food. (I think this is due to her life on the street who knows , i wish she could tell me what she s been through) She will dribble at the sight of me eating lettuce or apple and she also wants some and will gobble it down. Tiger is a FOOD dog, shes not fat because she has a stomach illness which involves giving her medication with every meal so she will get nutrients out of the food. Dont get me wrong she also loves to play and run but she is so annoying if you are eating anything as she drools all over you!

Amber is my daughters german shepard puppy, it is hard to get her to eat, there is always something more exciting to do, like biting my ankles, trying to grab the broom in a fabulous game called "sweeping" playing with her myriad of squeeky toys , moose, rabbit , teddy bear, the bone and cong. She also likes to swim and run along the beach and go paddling on the kayak and fetch sticks in the river. All so much more fun than eating. She will eat but only when she is really hungry and isnt distracted by anything. (I make her special "yummy food" with mince or sardines mixed in with dog biscuits and take her into the laundry where she is not distracted by Tiger.

Amber will never be a fat dog as food does not "float her boat"

I am aspiring to be a NON food person, to be interested in many other things other than when is the next meal, the next food, the next snack, the next fix coming. I am a chef so my life has revolved around food for a long time, since i was about 8yrs old and was cooking with my mum who was also fat. THIS HAS TO CHANGE

So I have been trying to structure more activites not related to food into my life. More salsa classes, more weights , more walks on the beach, more cleaning the house, more stimulating conversation ,, not accompanied by food.

I have stopped logging my food daily as this makes me focus too much on food. I am trialling this, i have thrown the yummy snacks to deep and high in my pantry.

I am getting on with life and feeling that my clothes are looser, (still weighing myself(daily ) havent got out of that bad habit yet , but this has a positive my bfat % ever so slightly going down.)
Im off to work to teach students how to make icecream and lots of different cookies but not going to eat taste any and not going to think about until i have to.

What about you? Do you spend a lot of time thinking, shopping, planning, preparing food for yourself and others? Is there too much food in your life ? Release youself from the control of food just for a day, and focus on other things you love

I am on my way to being a non food person, its just the first step emoticon
ps this is amber and my daughters partner in the photo
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    Brilliant! Amber is gorgeous by the way. I too will stive to be a non food dog
    3487 days ago
    I guess I'd have to say I'm a food dog. I love to cook and love to eat what I cook. Fortunately, I had a fairly solid foundation in nutrition from an early age, so it isn't that I eat unhealthy foods...just too much of the healthy stuff. I, too, track my calories daily and try to stuff in every last calorie in my 'budget', sometimes going over if I'm not careful about spreading out my snacks. I refuse to go hungry, that's my issue...I panic in spite of never having to go through a time of real want. Must be a primal memory or fear of the low blood sugar that used to plague me and make me very uncomfortable. But I have noticed that my long hikes seem to suppress that appetite in addition to their other benefits. I think you're on the right track with giving yourself other things to think about besides food. What a trial for that to be your profession as well as your temptation!
    3487 days ago
    I dont think about food too often (excpt maybe donuts)
    But I would like to be a non food person. Funny you bring that up because I notice people who are non food people.
    We go to a community dinner and people take tiny helpings and I feel guilty for taking seconds.
    3488 days ago
  • KARENA228
    You make some really good points, and have got me thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    3489 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1497466
    I think that so many of us who are over wieght have this same issue, I too am working hard to be more like Amber. It is a struggle everyday. I wish you well in your efforts. Please keep us updated on how the not tracking is working for you. I know that if I don't track right now, then I won't eat enough of the right things.
    3491 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9345843
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing it!
    3492 days ago
    I've thought about this before, not in the sense of dogs, but in the sense of all the gorgeous, exotic girls I lived with in college. They didn't seem to think about food as much as I did/do, and I wondered if there was something to that. I recently went through a period where my mantra was sort of "WWDD?" What would "Daniela" do? She was a gorgeous Colombian girl, and whenever I started to eat something or see food, I'd think of her, and how much would she grab, and would she walk away now....worked for a hot minute.

    Thanks for posting this!
    3492 days ago
    i love food always thinking what to have next as long as it is healthy emoticon
    3492 days ago
    I love dogs and so I loved your description of your dogs. Yes some people are wired like Amber too but they are not the ones who get overweight.
    3492 days ago
    My biggest problem is that I love food. It's all so good, I think about it all day like you describe, I count calories to see if I can possibly squeeze in one more treat... not bothering to figure out if I am hungry or not, that never seems to be important. I always feel I have to maximize my food intake. The more I try to not think about food, the more I do think about it, it haunts me. Chocolate calls to me from the cupbaord, McDonalds lures me with it's big M, I feel like I could never resist. I feel myself doing things, wihtout feeling like I played a role in making the decision. I need to get out of the back seat and start driving again!! emoticon
    3492 days ago
    Love this blog my friend! Good for you and making the move to a non foodie. I am so with you and agree 1000%, this is so important in our battle against the weight. As you know I am a huge supporter of yours and I wish you well and success. This is something I know you can do!


    3492 days ago
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