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Reboot Entry Day 11 (long, sorry)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Today has been a good day. Of course, it's early still so anything can (and likely WILL) happen. But for now, so far, it's been good.

Last night's dinner at the Mongolian grill was very good. I enjoyed it very much - there was no prep work, no cooking, and no clean-up. How can you not love that? I went heavy on the broccoli and mushrooms, added a few sprouts which are technically not on the approved food list for the Reboot if they were bean sprouts, avoided the noodles and the tofu, and was full but not stuffed, happily satisfied with my vegetarian meal last night.

After dinner, we swung by Marshalls. The office where I work has an odd heating/cooling system. When I was sitting by the windows, I was perpetually cold. I've moved across the aisle now, out from under a suspect vent, and yet I'm still cold. Not as bad as I was, but still. So, my mission last night was to purchase a sweater that I could leave at the office. I have a sweatshirt here now, but it's more sloppy comfy than it is office appropriate, so I opted to upgrade. I found two sweaters I liked and decided to treat myself to both of them. This is a good thing!

Saturday - 221.4
Sunday - 220.2
Monday - 220.4
Tuesday - 220.8
Wednesday - 220.4

Blah blah, whatever. Moving on.

Gaye, you're completely right (and you're completely awesome, thank you SO MUCH for the kind compliment/observation!), I've been fortunate to lose what I have so far - this reboot isn't designed as a weight-loss method, but as a means of getting your body back into balance and perhaps changing up your entire nutritional lifestyle. Would I like to see the numbers go down even more before I'm done? Heck yea. Will I live if they don't? Probably LOL So yea, whatever. It's all good, because I have been successful! I've stuck with a plan that is not typical for me at all, and I've done very well with it.

I haven't talked a lot about the Reboot in specific detail much. I cut back even more when I read BethHoney was concerned I was trying a fad diet and compared me to a friend of hers who got sick doing something similar. I don't do fads, and I'm not endangering my health or well-being. I've become educated about my nutrition thanks to Spark, but there's always room to learn more.


Let me explain a bit. I watched a movie called 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead' on Netflix. I watched it because our friends TurtleRaskin and Lisa01605 mentioned it in their blog, and Lisa talked about doing a Reboot. I was curious, so I found the movie and watched it. If you haven't seen it yet, I do recommend it!

So I watched the movie and was intrigued by it. The thought of juicing sounded interesting, but I was still training for my Half and I couldn't deviate from that plan. Once the Half was done, though, I took a weekend to visit my sister, and then came home to a week's prep work to begin the reboot.

From the site itself:
"How do I promote weight loss during the Reboot?
The primary goal of the Reboot is to begin a journey of health and wellness for a lasting lifestyle change. Weight loss is typically a side effect of a Reboot, which for some individuals is great news. For many, weight loss may be a key reason you would like to try a Reboot, as a jump start to a long term weight loss plan. For others, weight loss is just a temporary by-product of the Reboot and not a primary goal."

"You will most likely lose weight during the 15-day Reboot. This is mainly due to the fact that you are ingesting fewer calories than usual as well as using body stores of protein and fats to keep your brain and normal bodily functions working during the juice fast. It is very natural for a little weight to come back on after the Reboot period, even with a healthy, micronutrient rich diet. But try not to be discouraged. By following a well designed, calorie controlled micronutrient rich eating plan, your healthy weight loss can continue after your Reboot."

The plan I'm following is a 15-day Entry program. It's solids and juices, and vegan if you don't use honey to sweeten your allotted tea each day (thanks Turtle!). You can read more about the programs and how it works by checking out the FAQs.

This is all to say that this isn't necessarily a fad diet. It's not saying that this is the only way you should eat, ever. It's a way to clean out your .. my system. Before I started, I was having quite a few digestive issues. My skin was suffering as well, breakouts occurring like I was 16 or something. That was due to the way I was eating, all of it. Yes, I had the Spark plan to follow, but I didn't. I printed it out, I planned on it, I shopped for it, then I ignored it after 5 p.m. Popcorn with butter, anyone? That was me, lots of butter. Lots of nut butter, too much, so much so that the fat I was ingesting was making itself known on my face. Seriously, want to know how I'm doing with my nutrition? Look at my face. Right now, it's cleared up nicely. I just knocked wood (particle board?) in hopes of it staying that way.

Paraselenic asked a few questions..
have you noticed a change in your body/energy level/ mood etc. on this plan? How closely are you following the 15 day meal plan?
Have you been craving anything that surprised you?

The nearly two weeks I've been on this plan have been some of the hardest this year. Not because I'm on this plan - it has absolutely nothing to do with this plan. It has to do with high stress situations going on personally that otherwise would have driven me into a bag or 12 of potato chips or a dozen or 3 giant chocolate chip cookies, sticks of butter, tubs of chip dip and ice cream and who knows what else. This plan has given me an anchor to hold fast to. I was determined to Stick To It! I was going to do this if it choked me. Grrrr!

The first two days were rough, emotionally more-so than physically. I got through it though. The next few days, my energy came up. I felt good, I felt zippy. Aside from the 4 lb TOM water-weight drop, my body started releasing lbs again slowly. I learned to adjust to feeling a bit more tired. I believe the Reboot has helped me manage my way through the upset better than I would have without it, perhaps helping me avoid a full-blown bout of depression.

Even though my fiber intake has increased quite a bit with the Reboot, my system has slowed down from its normal processes - ahem. The Reboot site offers suggestions if your system slows down or processes too quickly. That's something to keep in mind as you go through this.

I've followed the plan 90-95%. There were times when it called for a specific snack, but instead I put together a similar but different dish. Or I was supposed to have a soup with lunch, but instead saved it for later. Things like that. I haven't eaten any foods off-plan (except those sprouts I mentioned earlier). No grains, no meats, no dairy. Avocados have become my creamy friends in my salads. Oh, and no coffee. Beware the possible headaches when you kick the caffeine.

The only cravings I've had have been fleeting. One day I "smelled" McDonald's hamburger buns. I don't know why, I've had McD's maybe once in the last 2-3 years. It's not a regular staple of my diet. Someone brought giant bagels into work one day and sent out an email that they were available at the coffee station. I wanted one, or maybe just a quarter of one, at that time, but the want passed because I knew it was psychological and not biological.

My gut is better. My energy levels fluctuated all over the place. I ditched the gym for ST and Zumba this week. It's not because of the Reboot, but because of my own emotional rollercoaster. I think I'm finding my way through the upheaval, which accounts for today being a good day.

Saturday will be my last Reboot day. The site suggests a reboot every quarter. I'm sure I'll revisit it again, now that I'm familiar with the process, and the progress. I am looking forward to having a cuppa coffee on Sunday. I'll likely go back to having morning coffees, but perhaps not quite as sweet. I've considered sticking to a mostly vegetarian plan provided by Spark, and supplementing it with chicken and fish now and again. I haven't finalized that part of it yet. We'll see where I end up.

For now, though, I do recommend the Reboot Entry 15-day plan if you're looking to shake things up nutritionally and want to try something new and/or different. Let me know what other questions you have that I haven't answered and I'll be happy to cover them.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I added 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead' to Netflix. I'm going to watch it soon. Won't have time this weekend but I'll see what I can do.

    I'm proud of you looking at things and evaluating them as they fit into your life and your needs. I'm glad you took time to write this. It gave me things to think about.

    Hope the upheaval turns into a victory for you and that things become calmer and happier soon.

    3512 days ago
    I certainly think this was a great refreshment for your body! Like you said it's a detox for health, not a diet! I think you proved that it does flush out your body and allows your body to soak up all the goodness! Kudos to you for sticking through it! I think I'd have a hard time with it.... I'd certainly need to get used to the taste of the juices (not a huge fan of green juices) but it's something I'd like to consider!
    Good for you Candy....
    emoticon emoticon
    3513 days ago
    Wowsie!!! Hope you continue having success with your Lifestyle change :) It sounds like what you needed at the right time!!

    3514 days ago
    I've been very curious about this and your blog was very informative. And interesting what Turtle posted about protein...that was one area that I wondered about but haven't checked.

    I especially LOVE that the "plan has given me an anchor to hold fast to" and "perhaps helping me avoid a full-blown bout of depression." That's awesome and I hope that your system is sufficiently rebooted to keep things under control when things get tough. And your tummy is feeling better too...that makes it worth a lot. Good luck with the next phase of your eat-plan and the reintroduction of coffee and whatever else.

    3514 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/9/2011 5:35:19 PM
    Wow awesome, interesting movie title
    3514 days ago
    Thank you so much for responding to my questions!

    My husband and I watched fat, sick, and nearly dead which sparked our interest in this reboot as well. Your feedback is very useful in planning the timing of when we decide to start-- if the first two days are the worst, then we'll probably start on a saturday, to allow the worst parts to happen at home exclusively.

    I'm glad to hear that your energy levels are doing okay and I find the mcD's craving pretty funny.

    I was on a "cleanse" a couple years back that had a very limited food intake, too-- NO grains, soy, dairy, meat, eggs, or tomatoes, corn, or pineapple-- and I would wake up from a dead sleep CRAVING wheat toast and corn on the cob-- like itchy arms heroin addict craving-- so I'm betting I'll go through a similar bit on this, too.

    Again, thank you for blogging your experiences-- it's very helpful.
    3514 days ago
  • LISA01605
    I am so glad you have had such a good experience with the reboot!. If you have the time I highly recommend reading Eat To Live by Joel Furhman. It has really changed my life... at least so far, it's only been a couple of months. His eating plan is similar to the reboot. It is vegan (mostly) with beans, nuts, and seeds added in. After a 6 week strict period he allows for up to 12 oz of meat a week, preferably chicken or fish. I just feel so good and have so much energy. The pounds are dropping off too. The best part is I am never hungry. Veggies, fruits, and beans are unlimited. You can't eat too many greens! More and more I am reading that a plant based diet is best for health and weight loss. Not necessarily exclusively, but the more the better.
    3514 days ago
    This does sound great! In doing my research, I was intrigued to find out how little protein we actually need (0.5g per kg of body weight), AND that we get 1/6 of our protein from our stomach lining, so if you're low in a day, no worries. I had worried about doing something like a reboot because I usually am quite low in protein (above the recommended level, but low by spark standards) and I thought it would be lower. But it sounds like it's pretty good, actually -- and yummy too!

    As for the waste treatment facility, I so hear you. When I have a weekend away where I don't control my food, the facility seems to mostly shut down. It picks back up for a day when I eat well again, then shuts down for a couple more days before getting back to normal. Our bodies are weird, man.
    3514 days ago
    No need to be sorry... we've been waiting for your thoughts!

    I'm glad this has been a good experience for you. It sounds interesting, and I plan to check out the link you provided.

    3514 days ago
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