EXCUSES??? oh my...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, I've been thinking about what holds me back from reaching the goals I have set for myself. Here is a list of my excuses!

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**I can't exercise at home anymore as my daughter moved back home and sleeps in my living room. (which by the way I can't be happier about!)

**The weather...too cold, to wet, to hot, too something!

**I quit my gym membership, as my schedule gets so hectic that it wasn't worth the money I was throwing out for it.

**I can't afford to eat healthy.

**I just simply don't track my calories.

**If I mess up once during the day, what is the point...just eat whatever and forget about exercising.

Lame excuses...and so many of them?! But, they are truly what brings me to the point of not losing...and ultimately not reaching my goals.

So, it's time to abolish those excuses! Time to find some answers! It's time for some change!

Here is my list of ways to bust those excuses:

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**Exercise doesn't have to be at home. The mall is open at 6:30 every morning for mall walkers. It's dry, it's warm, it's free.

**Okay, so the gym membership doesn't pay off due to my schedule and life in general. Time to purchase a punch card for Zumba...use it when I have the time...there is no monthly fee...no losing out on $, as I use a punch when I am there...and no loss when I'm not! (literally..financial, or weight loss)

**I can afford to eat healthy! I can't afford to lose my health! In the long run, which is cheaper...eating healthy, or Doctor bills?! And on top of that...I'm a vegetarian! My home is full of fresh fruits and veges, year round!? It's the candy, ice cream, and chips that are a hindrance...and they aren't cheap?!

**Tracking my calories..this may be my lamest excuse! I have a computer at work....I have a computer at home..I have a smart phone...what the heck??? Set aside a moment during the day, or in the evening and just track! Make it important! ...cuz it is!

**Messing up during the day does not give me a free pass to eat whatever and do whatever! Messing up during the day means I need to be all the more calorie conscious, and see how many extra calories I need to burn to undo my mess up!

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So...I am posting this most anywhere I can think of! On my Spark page...on my fridge...in a blog...on my desk at work...in my car...I need a constant reminder! I can do this! My excuses are just that...excuses! (And lame ones at that!) These excuses are all that stand between me, and achieving my health goals!

I will be making changes slowly. I am not perfect and nobody but me expects me to be! I read on Spark...I can't remember where, or who wrote it...but it was team member, and they were talking about challenges on their team. They said something to the effect of...You don't have to complete each challenge 100 percent...you just have to know that you gave 100 percent to each challenge!

That's my new motto...I am starting today...As I need a jump start on the new year resolution thing...so to end 2011 and to begin 2012, my focus is to over-ride my excuses...and give 100 percent...not complete each day thinking....dammmit...I could have done more...could've...should've ....Would've...no way...I WILL!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Embi;

    You can do it and we all slide especially this time of year so a New year is just what we need to get a fresh start. Stay strong in your quest for your healthy life style. Learn something new every day. God bless you always.

    Smile Joyce
    3423 days ago
    Wow! I could have written this blog myself. Thank you. You are so right. And it is true that I need to just give 100% to the best of my ability. May this be the beginning (and for me, a restart) to what we need to do.
    3457 days ago
    I love how you gave an answer to your excuses. You can do it!
    3461 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8823592
    I love that! Way to MOTIVATE yourself and the team!
    3461 days ago
    Now that you have identified the problem, you are in better position to address it.

    3461 days ago
    I LOVE your blog Embi! I love the solutions you've found for your excuses! Especially the Zumba punch card. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that time is passing whether we're "perfect" or not. Progress not perfection! emoticon emoticon
    3462 days ago
    Great blog Embi! You are so right about how we can come up with some good excuses for not doing what we should....but when you really analyze it , like you have, you realize they are really just excuses.
    We all do it to some degree I think but its time we take back our strength & inner power & tell ourselves we are fully capable of doing what we set out to do.
    We dont need to be perfect, heck we are only human & we cannot expect to be able to get it all right. Just doing our best as you say is enough.
    Thanks for the insight, I know it has helped me look at things differently too. I am with you...no more "I should".....I am becoming a healthier me!!

    (((HUGS!!))) Liz
    3462 days ago
    This list looks like I could have written it. I'm with you NO MORE EXCUSES!! emoticon
    3462 days ago
    Yep, I use a lot of these same excuses...especially regarding exercise. I love your list. I may even print it out if you don't mind!
    3462 days ago
    That is a great idea to list your excuses and why they heck they are inexcusable :)
    I have to admit I have some of the same ones as well. Stick to it and you can do it!
    3462 days ago
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