Sugar FREE!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well it has been 22 days so far and I'm feeling great.
No cravings ,No midnight sweet snacks, CAN have candy or cakes right in front of me and nothing. Not interested!
You will be amazed how much sugar is in our food...from your yogurt to salad dressing, sugar is in every thing!
I know why now so close to the holidays....WHY NOT! I think this is the best time...if you can keep away from all those pies, fudge, cookies, candy, chocolates, alcohol, juice, pop then you got it made...just think of all those calories that you really don't need. Most people gain between 5 to 10 pound during this holiday season. Not ME!
Well if you don't want to go sugar free now then start at the beginning of the yr. It's not really that hard !
Have a Happy Thanksgiving...and go sugar free!
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