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21 Day Cleanse in Review

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let me start by saying, this was NOT for weight loss. Sure you get some of that, but anyone with a brain knows that when you go back to your "normal" - there will be "issues"!

The main purpose of a cleanse is to rid yourself of the toxins that you pretty much poison yourself with if you are not a super clean eater. The hidden things that you do not even think about. The stuff that clogs your heart, your liver and your kidneys - that by the time you see what it has done to you - it is probably too late to fix.

Let me also start by telling you, I am sitting here enjoying my first real cuppa joe in three weeks and absolutely loving it.

This was not a fly by night, off the drugstore shelf kinda cleanse, where ya take a bunch of pills and eat as you always have and miracles are expected to happen. This was a cleanse prescribed by homeopathic care givers. Quite pricey (and looking back, it should be cheaper - they kinda gave you more supplements than you need, even if every day was lived exactly as prescribed - but I guess that is marketing).

The first 10 days is simply a prescribed list (decent list, too) of fruits and vegetables (twice as many veggies are to be consumed than fruits). You can have 1 cup of lentils a day OR 1/2 of brown rice. You can also have 1/2 of a sweet potato. You are to supplement this with 2-3 protein shakes a day in either vegetarian or whey (I choose the whey). And then, of course, there are prescribed supplemental pills consisting of cleansing, greens and fiber.

At the end of the 10 days, you may add chicken or fish to the mix. THANK GOD!!!!

You are to have NO caffeine, NO sugar, NO processed (boxed or canned) foods. This is CLEAN eating at it's finest. And let me tell you, it entails preparation - no shove it in the micro and "poof" there's a meal!! You must think and work it out!!

OK - so what was the hardest part? As expected- giving up coffee for 21 days!! The adrenals need a rest. Now, let me tell you that while I love and enjoy my coffee and I insist on dark roast, extra bold flavor, I normally have only 2 cups a day. I am not a 3 pot a day person. 2 and every once in a while 3 cups a day - mild by most standards. It took me a week to wean myself off and one missed day of work as I could not even function with the crazy, untouchable headache I acquired from this. BUT, by damn, I did it. There was no diet coke!!!!! None!!!!! consumed during this cleanse, only water and unsweetened tea. Teas have minuscule amount of caffeine as coffee and was allowed. And I like my tea as I like my coffee with fat free half and half and Equal. None of that - I was drinking it straight!!

Second issue for me was Equal and SUGAR!! Again,I do not use a lot of Equal, well, except maybe in the summer times as I like iced tea kinda sweet. Then there is the candy dish at work and this isn't an ordinary candy dish. There are at least 5 varieties of all things known to mankind on any give day! It knows me by name and some has been known to follow me home in my pocket!! Not a SINGLE packet of Equal was used nor a bite of candy consumed during this cleanse.

And then there is the red meat issue. Now, I can do a vegetarian meal. I can even do vegetarian days, and proven I can do a week. BUT, I will never be a full fledged, dyed in the wool, vegetarian. I love red meat. Make no mistake, LOVE it. To say I missed that the past 3 weeks, well, let's just say,YES!!

Now for the good part. What did I learn? Several things. I was not convinced, when I started, that I could do this. I did!! Felt good. A VICTORY!

I was pretty certain the no coffee, no soda, no equal would be my undoing. They were not - I conquered all three.

I learned MOST importantly the power SUGAR has over me. What it does to me physically and psychologically. And let me tell you - I AM PISSED!!

No sugar for 3 weeks!! The cravings are gone. There is no being consumed by the "uncontrollable need for MORE". There is no one calling my name when I walk by the candy dish at work. There is no tug on sleeve in the grocery line from the plethora of candy bars!! I cannot even put into words how great it feels to not be dictated to by the craving urge for sugar.

I feel no need for soda. Not to say I will never drink it again, but it now at the bottom of the list - only slightly higher than sugar.

Do I feel better? OK - to be honest - the only part that feels better, is my mind. The release from the captivity of my "Master, Sugar." Physically, I have not noticed much. BUT - I consider what I have learned about sugar, myself, and my ability to win over this Master more than worth the time, money an effort. Truly, you have no idea how good, just this lesson has made me feel. NO cravings. Yep, there are a few things I really want to have, but I am not OWNED and CONTROLLED by a desire. I am IN CHARGE of that desire and how it is accomplished.

Now, for the hard work. KEEPING CONTROL!! Not to give in to the "just one more." Cause we all know that I will not go a lifetime of no sugar at all. There is actually a sugar cookie, given to me in the midst of this cleanse by a gal at work that can out-bake "The King of Cake" and what did I do with it?? I brought it home and put it in the freezer!! I will have it! I will have ONLY ONE. I will continue to remember how sweet the victory over sugar feels, and never again will I "want to see how much I can consume" in one sitting - which is how it feels when you are OWNED by sugar.

Through this blog, I enjoyed my first cuppa joe. Another vice I will not give up, but have committed to ONE cup a day, with fat free half and half and stevia. No more Equal for me. One more victory I have won.

I feel good about what I have learned. I poo poo anyone that says "I couldn't do that" as that is what I said before starting. It is 21 days, not a life time, and what I learned is well worth whatever "sacrifice" I thought I was making.

And it proves one thing to me. You can do ANYTHING when you want it bad enough.

So HOW BAD do you want it??

Next challenge - exercise!! Let's see what it takes to win this battle to be consistent and dedicated!!

BTW - I did lose the "canned ham" - lost 7 pounds. Now to keep it off!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so proud of you! Now to follow your example.........................
    3424 days ago
  • FABAT402009
    Thanks Jan for sharing your experience with us. So happy and proud of you!!
    3425 days ago
    WOW! This is super impressive. I'm glad you proved to yourself how strong you are. This gives me the inspiration I need to quit the Diet Coke. I have secretly been buying one at work on way more days than I'd like to admit. not good! Thank you for the motivation!!

    Have you tried agave nector? It's less processed than sugar. I like it in tea.
    3425 days ago
    I am so proud of you!!!! You embraced the cleanse as the discovery it was meant to be, and that is priceless!

    3425 days ago
    Good for you. If you could do this cleanse you can do the exercise. I envy you as I don't know that I could do what you did!
    3425 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6072865
    Sorry jan, prob with the internet :((
    3426 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/18/2011 6:55:44 PM
  • no profile photo CD6072865
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Jan that is a great accomplishment! you can conquer the exercise part too... way to go!
    3426 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6072865
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Jan that is a great accomplishment! you can conquer the exercise part too... way to go!
    3426 days ago
  • ELIZ181
    So glad you made it through the 21 days. Now for the exercise I know you can conquer that as well because you are our ST queen
    3426 days ago
    Kicking the sugar habit is a HUGE accomplishment!! Awesome!! Sounds like this was a very rewarding experience for you!! emoticon
    3426 days ago
    It was really encouraging and inspiring to see you go through this process. I know you will be able to conquer the exercise demon!
    3426 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3426 days ago
    Great blog! I'm not into taking all the supplements but other than that, I think I could do it. I'd just have to wrap my brain around it first. The prep part would definitely be the hardest part for me. I've already switched from coffee to tea. I rarely drink soda. I'm not one to use artificial sweeteners and I don't put anything in my coffee of tea other than lemon in my ice tea. I'd love the detailed plan you used if you wouldn't mind sharing. I'm reving up for a fresh new start right after Christmas. I was going to start January 1st, but why wait?
    3426 days ago
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