Almost at goal!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

My mom wanted me to share how much weight I have lost so I will!

Up and down, up and down, that has been my weight loss journey for the past few years. I never gave up and always did my best. I joined a girls bible study and we all were complaining about our shape and weight so we decided to start working out together. It started with Yoga once a week but then I got addicted and started going 3 times a week. This was the beginning of better health for me. I love how yoga is physical and also mental.

Then we went out to dinner with a couple we know who was starting her second round of the HCG diet. I had heard about this diet but was afraid to try it because of the word "hormone" even though it is natural and in our bodies when we are pregnant. She told me she lost 34 pound in 30 days but more important she had kept it off for a year!! I also have known MANY of my friends that have done this program the key to me wasn't the rapid weight loss but the fact that they were able to keep it off, so I tried it!

I lost 24 pounds in 46 days but the key for me is that I have been able to keep it off for over 4 weeks now EVEN THROUGH CHRISTMAS PARTIES :-)!! With the weight I lost with Nutrisystem (Lost 30 kept off around 14ish) I am down almost 40 pounds~ I went from a size 16 to a 6. I am wearing small's for the first time since I can remember!!

On my next birthday (February 2nd) I will be 50 years old. My goal is to be at my ideal body weight and have the 2nd half of my life be even better than the first half! This means I need to lose another 10 pounds, but more importantly to me is keeping it off! This is my goal!

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