5 Goals For January

Sunday, January 01, 2012

1) To go for a 20 minute walk (weather permitting) on my lunch hour

I currently just sit at my desk for my lunch hour, which will only make my bum grow bigger! I will start going for a walk as I have no reason not to go. I've put weather permitting as I know I won't want to go in the rain, and there's no point forcing myself out of guilt.

2) To treat crisps as an occasional treat and not a daily snack

I know that everything needs to be eaten in moderation, but crisps are my downfall. I can get through a twelve pack in half an hour, and that's wrong. So I need to treat them as a treat, not something I eat daily.

3) To drink 8 glasses of water a day

I don't drink enough, I know this, I need to drink more.

4) To tidy my house and keep it tidy

I need to keep it tidy, so that I can have people round more often.

5) To take more care with my appearance

It doesn't take that long to put on a little bit of make up, or straighten my hair. I need to stop going to work with my hair scraped back and wearing mismatched clothes. I need to make a bit more effort, it'll help me feel happier.
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