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Biggest Loser Trainer ~ LTC

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For our Lime Team Challenge this week, we get to pick which trainer we would want to train us. We even have the pick of ALL the trainers that have been on the show. First of all, let's just say, "who remembers kim lyons?" Not many I do not think, unless of course it was the people trained by her. Second of all, with Bob and Jillian BOTH on season 11, Brett & Cara did not stand a chance! As far as Anna, well, with what I assume to be mostly female viewers... who paid attention to her when there was Bob and Dolvett to look at?

So... all that being said, it really only leaves, Bob, Jillian and Dolvett to choose from. I have to say as of right now, I would be happy with any of the three to train with. However...

Jill's my girl. I DO NOT LIKE her foul language, BUT, she has a connection with the contestants one can see with just the look on her face. She is PASSIONATE about what she does. I am so passive, and have that laid back personality, it often takes someone making me angry to get to me to do what needs done. Jillian would do that if I needed it ~ for sure! I've listened to her podcasts, watched her on Loser and in other venues (youtube videos) and I just feel like she would be the best person to train me.

That being said... I plan on auditioning for the BL again and Jill is not there anymore. So, who would I choose if I were ON the show? Who's to say with all the twists and turns? My first thought would be Bob, but then again, it could be Dolvett, I see that same passion in him that I see in Bob and Jill.

Ha! Have I succeeded in confusing you or have I made my choice clear?


PS. The only goal I met today was getting my son out of jail... will try to blog about that tomorrow, wanted to get the LTC done on time.
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