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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well Monday was spent on pins and needles waiting to see what my sons bond was gonna be to get him out of jail, then begging and borrowing to get what it took. We had to actually GO there and pay the cash in full to get him out. It was a $500 full cash bond, plus booking fees, bond fees and housing fees. We had actually borrowed money for gas to drive his Jeep home with us that day and there was another housing fee by the time we got there, so that took the gas money. It was actually a farther trip than we anticipated and ended up we had to overdraft our checking to get enough gas to come home. Needless to say, we had to leave the Jeep there. Besides, he really needed it to sleep in until the dorms opened up today. He promised not to drive though ~ we believed him since he had JUST gotten out of jail.

I called today and got the insurance on it, effective today. Since Jarod's friend is going back there on Sunday (from here), a friend of Johns will ride back with him and bring the Jeep back for us. Jarod is hoping to have the gas money by then for him to drive it back. I will pick up the temporary proof of insurance today so that if he gets stopped for any reason on the way back, it will show insurance.

I was nervous the whole way there, not sure what to expect when we got there, praying that the fee's had not somehow gone up and we wouldn't be able to get him out. As it was, we had $5 left after paying the fees and bond and he had NOTHING left. Thankfully, they were able to take his money out of holding and put it with what we had, or we wouldn't have been able to get him out. The people there were not rude, but they weren't exactly nice either. Just stony-faced. I guess it comes with their job though.

Finally, to see him come out that door was such a relief, I felt like crying, but somehow didn't. I wanted to give him a big hug, but restrained too, he was in a hurry to get out of there. Don't blame him. Although, he said it was not a BAD experience, he DID say, he did not want to go back, THANK GOODNESS! :)

We went to his place of work first so he could tell them he was out and available for work, so he did not lose his job and it is also where he had the Jeep parked. He was smart enough to leave it parked when he walked to the courthouse and turned himself in to the sheriff. Then, he showed us the way to Kroger and we had food money, so we bought some lunch-meat and bread, etc... and sat in OUR Durango and ate and talked/visited some. John was starting to hurt really bad, which meant we needed to get on the road, so on the way to take him back to his Jeep, we stopped by the library so he could check out a couple of books and then took him back to his Jeep.

He put all his stuff (we brought him some stuff and left him the lunch-meat to eat later) in his Jeep and then came around and gave me a big ole hug goodbye, so I DID get my hug! :) We talked a few more minutes and then we left. I was driving at this point. I have to say it was the HARDEST thing leaving him there by himself, sitting in his jeep, knowing that was where he was going to spend the rest of the night and even sleep there. There was nothing I could do to change the situation and I HAD to go home. Uggh, it's so hard being a parent sometimes. I thought about it most of the way home, mentioned it to John and almost started crying, but thankfully didn't.

His court date is Feb. 1st and thankfully the bond will be the majority of his fines and we are praying for NO MORE jail time, but are expecting his license to be suspended for about a year... please pray with us.

So, this week has been full of emotional eating for me and has caused a gain and my daily goals have pretty much been non-existent this week. I will muddle through the best I can the rest of today and then tomorrow, I will set some goals and see if I can't be a bit productive! :) I would set goals for today, but have to run to town soon and really do not have time to think it all through right now and I am tired and have a headache, etc....

So, now you know and I thank everyone for all the prayers they have prayed and the love and support shown.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope Jarod learns a good lesson and doesn't push for more lessons. I pray to the Lord to give him wisdom to let this be a strong lesson. My heart goes out to you.
    3405 days ago
    Shannon, praying for you & family. I would have been a weeping mess, well maybe not until I got hoem but some time.

    Here's to Jarod's succeeding in school and work. Praying he truly did not like his experience this week and walks a lot!!

    HUgs dear woman!
    3407 days ago
    What an ordeal....I cannot even imagine how it felt to leave him there like I DO hope you NEVER have to go through that again, sweetpea. You are a STRONG WOMAn, Shannon McGuire!! I'm so glad to hear that you are back on top again today ~ you GO, girl! Take care of YOU and that temple of yours ~ good things are coming!!!

    xoxo love you!
    3410 days ago
    I am so, so sorry you had such a week Shannon. It is tough being young, and it is good to hear your son understands the seriousness of his situation.
    Hope everyone is more relaxed now that you are home. Take care of yourself, get a good night's rest, and worry about goals and the other stuff tomorrow.
    3410 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10406168
    Sending hugs and positive vibes to all of you. I can't imagine how hard it was to leave him there Shannon. He is in the dorms now right? BIG DEEP breaths!!
    3410 days ago
    Glad you were able to bail him out. I'm sure it was such a huge relief. Hopefully the worse of it is over. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
    3411 days ago
    HOpe Jarod has learned his lesson, sometimes you need to do tough love. emoticon
    3411 days ago
    I can just imagine your relief to have that over with. It sounds as if Jarod is taking it very seriously too. What a blessing that he didn't lose his job!

    Healing prayers for you as well as him! It was a real trauma for you all.

    3411 days ago
    My BIL was arrested for drunk driving (second offense) and ended up with a suspended license for quite awhile as well. It was the BEST lesson he could have had. I hope Jarrod learns quickly as well. Prayers for you as you wait for his court date.
    3411 days ago
  • no profile photo MARYSABEAN
    Hopefully your son has learned a valuable lesson, and you will never have to go through this trama again.
    3411 days ago
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