Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well, I've gone without carbs and sugar and my weight is coming down. I feel so much better physically except for the urge to go get a donut or something. I went to the grocery store today and WOW! It's like a field of land mines! Sugar and carbs jumping out at you from every side! I stuck to my list and got very healthy foods.

I joined a sugar addiction group today. I think it's just time for me to revamp my food lifestyle. I can't eat sugar. Everytime I do, EVERYTIME, it ends in disaster. I am off of my medication for depression which I'm happy about. I'm convinced that the sugar is affecting my depression. I have had to turn off the TV also, because there are soooo many food commercials! I'm bombarded with images and descriptions of sugary/carby food! This is really tough. My daughter is athletic and therefore very healthy. My husband and son are both very thin and can eat whatever they want. I seem to get heavy just WATCHING them eat! I have friends that are heavy but don't care so I'm always in the middle of opportunities to eat and temptation to eat things that I know I'll regret eating later. I guess I need to have a very frank discussion with all the people that I am close to so that they understand what I'm facing.

The upside to all of this is that my house is very clean, laundry is caught up, and projects have been started with all of this extra time that would have been spent watching TV or thinking about food!!
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    I am proud of you! I aso am coming off anitdepressents and with this lifestyle change I feel good and less tired al the time. I still have to watch my moods though I get angry easy and so my poor hubby is on sdge for time being until I can recenter. Anyway I am so happy for you! Keep up thre great work! emoticon
    3398 days ago
  • EILISH99
    I started Atkins a year ago. I thought for sure I'd have a problem giving up sugar, whether the sweet stuff or the sugar from starches, but I guess I was just in the right place to make the change easy.

    Don't focus on what you CANNOT have, focus on what you can have and how it tastes. I was amazed to detect a mild sweetness from lettuce while eating my salad one night. Now I realize that while I was loading in the bad carbs I was also swamping my taste sensors with bad info. I also found replacements for foods I didn't totally want to give up: a cauliflower pizza crust, cubed jicama for hash browns (occasionally), and flax seed or almond meal muffins. They are just as good, to me, as the originals. But because they don't hit my system like glucose I feel so much better after eating them.
    3398 days ago
    Wow, I avoid TV because of Ads too! I've stopped eating sugar and white carbs and I gotta say, every day gets easier. You'll crave it less and less, and your ability to stay away will get stronger. I know "it's all in moderation", but maybe for a while it's worth staying away. Good luck!
    3398 days ago
    Hehe, I love it - all those things that normally might be procrastinated one, put off, or delayed getting done!

    Good job taking control!
    3398 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5123585
    I may need to join that group too! I definitely need to rethink my eating habits. I have gone back to my old bad habits even though I know they are bad!! OK, we will just have to take it one day at a time.

    3399 days ago
  • no profile photo ELIZRN
    First, welcome to my Sugar & Food Addiction Team. I actually don't like the name of the group because it presents the issue in the negative....however, it was necessary to name it in order to help people find it.

    I hope you are reading my blogs & since you have more time now....get into the workshop. You will need a journal & a pen. Journaling through typing isn't good enough.

    Right now you are focusing on the sugar & what others are eating. Turning off the television because of the commercials is another indicator that you are on a tightrope. I'd like to suggest that you start to feel GREAT about moving away from the Killer Diseases & the chronic issues that are related to sugar & high glycemic carbs. Tune into feeling GREAT throughout your day. I'm sorry that others are eating foods that are unhealthy, but not because they are eating in front of you. I'm sorry for them because they will have to pay the piper sooner or later.

    As time goes by you may find that you can have some sugar without going off the deep end. In the beginning I could not be anywhere near body went through a true transformation & for quite awhile even a bit of sugar made me feel really sick. Now, years later....I can have some, but I'm quite indifferent about it, so why bother. There are so many other great things to eat & I tend to eat quite a bit. In the beginning I had some problems finding good choices that I really taste buds were so out of whack. I also had a huge issue with carbohydrates....loved pizza, pasta, rice and some potatoes. Now...I have little desire for them. A part of me gets excited near pizza, but that is one of those foods where there is "never enough." If I have a food like that....I don't get involved. It's just easier that way. It's like knowing someone who would not make a good friend even though I'm really taken with them. Just not a good relationship.

    me aboard & stay in touch.

    3399 days ago
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