Not feeling well but got a mellow run in just the same

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I seem to be fighting another cold/flu like thing. Having a hard time regulating my temperature and tired out tonight. But trying to just rest was making my back hurt. So I decided to do 30 minutes of jogging in my house. The poor girls version of the treadmill is to run loops in your house. I wanted to be in the house in case I found my energy dropped fast. Warmed up for 2 minutes. Jogged for 35- nice even pace. Cooled down for 8 minutes. Stretched for about five. The workout evened out my core temperature and switched me from grumpy sick mood to mellow and happy even if sick mood.

The new running shoes are so much better than the fancy dancy flashy pants ones I got back in October or November.
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