Stupid Mistakes - Smart Mistakes Series: Food #1

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last night I had a "deep thought" after I veered off-course on the food I had planned to eat. You know how it goes - you're doing great then suddenly an overwhelming compulsion to eat something comes over you and you seem helpless in the face of it. Well last night, the peanut butter monster got me!

I had been craving peanut butter - not usually a trigger food for me - and finally bought some on sale. For dinner I'd planned on warming up a whole wheat pita, cutting it in half and smearing each with 1 Tbsp of pb. Yummy! Well that worked fine but in addition to the planned food - I ate another 2 Tbsp right from the jar and then 1/4 cup of raw peanuts.

While this ranked only as a minor transgression, I noticed that I immediately felt that I'd let myself down and was well on my way to donning a hair shirt and engaging in emotional self-flaggilation when I stopped and thought about how stupid that would be. When I thought about it - was the "PB divergence" worth going to the effort to drag the mental hair shirt and willow branches out? It was NOT. I then realized that the only thing WORTH the time and mental effort was to check and see if anything other than a mild craving caused the "divergence" and if not, to move on and get back on track with the next meal.

Which is exactly what I did AFTER I noticed how freeing it was to quit beating up on myself for something that happens to all of us from time to time. Wow - who knew you could actually stop yourself from beating yourself up? (OK - maybe some of you did but this is such a knee-jerk reaction for me that it completely floored me!)

So the stupid mistake: Emotional self-flaggelation for a minor transgression that may have spiraled out of control with food featured prominently in making myself feel better after the beating. This is pointless, dramatic and damaging.

And the smart mistake: By-passing using myself as a human punching bag, checking in with myself, moving on and immersing myself in a good read. Peaceful, emotionally supportive and completely without drama, hair shirts and willow branches.
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  • no profile photo CD13594451
    what a great attitude Jen!! :) (not sure you'll remember me, but we were friends last time I was on Spark!!) Hope you've been doing well....missed you!!
    3019 days ago
    Hi Jen;

    I love PB and eat some every day because one thing you have to remember it is very good for you. I ate 4 very small cookies I baked last night for DGD and enjoyed them and didn't feel bad at all. We have to once in a while have something we crave because it would be very hard to loose weight if we punish ourselves. Track your food and exercises and you can see what you are doing right. Live and have fun instead of punishing. God bless you always. Stay happy, healthy and make life fun.

    Smile Joyce
    3317 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7512218
    Wonderful way to look at things. Plus it is peanut butter! Not oreos or chocolate or million other unhealthy thing but protein! There are so many other things you could have messed up on! I think you deserve a medal of accomplishment! You did it! Turned the corner to a healthy new way! Congratulations! Enjoy the success of all your hard work! emoticon
    3383 days ago
    Yea Jen! Keep it up hun!
    3385 days ago
    Oh my goodness, I love what you've had to say - after all, we've all had one type of 'monster' or another take over and the next thing we know, we're sitting there with an empty ice cream container or whatever the trigger food might be - empty cookie box, empty potato chip bag, etc - but you WERE able to stop and you DID learn a very important lesson, sharing it with the rest of your SparkFriends so we can benefit, too. I say that really is pretty darned smart!!!
    Keep up the good work and post more of these wonderful blogs!
    3386 days ago
    Aren't epiphanies just emoticon ? Those AHA moments that help us learn new skills in supporting and loving ourselves on our journey to gretater health and wholeness are Divine gifts that increase in value as we share them with others.
    emoticon for sharing your emoticon sweet emoticon
    Blessed Be, Amanda emoticon
    3386 days ago
    The one thing Inlearned some years ago is that a mistake is only a mistake if we keep making it...otherwise it is experience.....
    Kinda like that...

    am reading a grea tbook at the moment that you may enjoy as well...
    The Diet alternative by Diane Hampton ....
    got some really good stuff in it
    3386 days ago
    3387 days ago
    I will not say anything to myself that I would not say to my best friend.

    btw- I once quit WW after 2 weeks (years ago) when they told me I could not have any pb.

    I plan for 1 T almost every single day.

    3387 days ago
  • BD3269PM
    A minor transgression is all it was. Make better choices next time. You are doing fine. And you are worth every bit of effort it takes. emoticon
    3387 days ago
    There's a saying "The beatings will continue until morale improves" which sarcastically means that punishments are counterproductive.
    3387 days ago
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