The Birthday Party

Monday, January 30, 2012

I did it! I lost two whole pounds this past weekend, thank you very much! Even when it was my daughter's birthday party. AAANNNDD I had junk on Sunday lol. I did eat cake and chips and three whole meals, and stayed (almost) under my calorie limit! Okay, so I went over by like two calories, so it wasn't technically over. Besides, we went for a hike at the National Park we were at, Fort Caroline National Monument. Smack in the middle of the Timucuan Preserve on the St John's River, there is a replica of the original French Fort Caroline that once stood in the same location.

Got to go, got to do a bit of exercise before I go to sleep. Between a long day at work, having errands to run at lunch (no time for actual running), and then Girl Scouts directly after I got home from work, I had no time to exercise earlier. Actually, looks like I have to fix my husband some snack, he won't stay out of the fridge, lol. THEN I can exercise. A mom's work is never done. (Unless your lovely daughter decides to clean up the kitchen for you when you're at GS!)
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