Facing Fear (12): Second Place is First Loser

Friday, February 10, 2012

Second place is first loser, right??

Of course not!

We deserve credit for finishing our races. So why do we somehow diminish our accomplishments if we don't meet some arbitrary criterion for being the "fastest" or "best".

I was a rebel yesterday. My inner bratty teenager came out with a vengeance. I did NOT want to stick to my food & exercise plan. I didn't really want anything specific, like a chocolate cake or to spend all night on the couch, I just didn't want to be "good".

I DID keep to my plan, though. I made it through one deal at a time.
"You can consider that Nutella - if you drink your water first"
"You can collapse on the couch - if you walk the dog first"
"You can think about eating that blue cheese - if you eat some fruit first"

This morning, my first thought was I MADE IT!! I was SO proud of myself. I wasn't perfect. If this were a race, I'd say I finished yesterday somewhere near the end. But I finished on plan. I'm not afraid of being less-than-perfect. It still counts.

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