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Day 29....about ready to throw in the towel...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not with my diet mind you, it is going quite well. I have not been on the elliptical lately because I've been sick with a bad cough which makes maintaining my balance on the elliptical a tad tricky but I have been walking. I've stuck to my WW points and have lost 2 weeks in a row. I'm down to 218.2 which is the lowest I have been since I started this journey but I yo-yoed back up to as high as 224 but now I'm back down and my next stop is 213 which is 5% of my total weight lost since I started ww. I need to get back on the elliptical more, but I have been lifting weights. Just hand weights mind you, but it is still some form of strength training. My arms are becoming more defined and goodness are they sore right after I lift those weights. The 4 lb weights were not much of a challenge anymore so i switched it up the 8 lb weights.
As for my dh (grrrrrrrr) has been eating all my diet foods. I bought myself some quick meals to eat when I am in a hurry and not in the mood to cook anything. I also bought them because lets face it when the kids or dh treats themselves it's nice to be able to have something I consider a treat too. So I bought myself a bunch of those and he has eaten all but like 4. He has been eating 2 meals at a time! He just called here to tell me he's going to stop eating them because they don't leave him full enough so he gets a belly ache! OMGosh I am beyond irritated about this. The whole point of buying these meals is to eat within a specific calorie range or point range and he eats double that and is not dieting at all. It infuriates me that he does this. They're not treats for him, he isn't actively trying to lose weight or exercising so it's not okay to eat all of my diet food. He would just as soon eat a big bowl of ice cream as he would a diet ww bar, but he'll eat the ww bar, still be hungry so then he has ice cream too! It doesn't upset me that he's eating more or that he isn't dieting it upsets me that he's eating the diet food I bought for myself which leaves me with not as many healthy food choices in the house. When that happens I tend to make bad food choices so it would be really nice if he'd help with that not make it worse!

ok, done ranting for now. going to go relax with my poor little boy who is sick home today.
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    no it's not too much temptation for me. I do really well with my own snacks and goodies which are all portion controlled and mostly ww or special K treats. I have been eating a TON of frozen fruit/crystal light smoothies and fresh spinach. So far that's working for me I'm just really frustrated at the way he sabotages my efforts. Like tonight, he wanted to go out for all you can eat fish fry! Um hello, diet much? I tried a bite of his fish and it was incredible but I only had that one bite. I tracked ALL of my food this week and I am almost out of my points allowance for the week but I'm working out each day, tracking everything and pushing the water! fresh off of 40 mins on the elliptical and my butt is headed to bed, thanks for reading!
    3358 days ago
    That sounds super frustrating! Have you talked to him about this and why it bothers you? My DH suggests you could get him some regular granola bars and other regular treats and frozen dinners he might like so he won't use yours so much. Would that be too much temptation for you?
    3360 days ago
    UGH I know how you feel. My FI eats whatever he wants as well even though he needs to tone up and lose some wt as well. Whenever I give him constructive criticism about his eating habits he gets mad. But he has no problem eating my diet foods. Then he'll say "well I bought you some wheat bread today" only its enriched wheat bread after I've told him a million times ONLY WHOLE WHEAT bread.

    You sound like you're doing well though in spite of some set backs. Just keep going, explain to your hubby what this means to you and that you'd appreciate if he left your stuff alone and supported you more. After having that talk a few times I think my FI has finally got it in his head that I'm doing this to be a better person for both of us.
    3360 days ago
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