Long Week!

Friday, March 02, 2012

I just realized it was Friday. I have been so incredibly busy with work and Girl Scout Cookies. I haven't put in any food or exercise. Not that I've done much exercising, though. Still trying to keep the calories in check.

Tomorrow, hubby picks up his son from the train depot. He is spending the week with us. Well, the weekend will be down in Daytona, then I will come home and they will stay down there until Thursday. We will spend Thursday and Friday with him, then he goes home Saturday. Hubby and son are so excited, son's mom kept him from hubby since he was five years old. (well, mom's parents kept him away) Son found hubby on Facebook! Spent Thanksgiving night, and that Friday through Sunday with him and his friend. So glad they can be together again, and especially glad that my daughters have their big brother. They knew about him, and now they know him :)
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