OMG Girl Scout Cookies!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Someone shoot me if I volunteer to be Cookie Mom again! It's bad enough that I am leader of two troops, and then add the stress of Cookie Manager? Holy cow! I have personally bought two cases of cookies, they are taking up valuable space in my small living room, and I have nightmares about not being able to pay our cookie bill! If we didn't have to participate in GS sales to be able to make money, I wouldn't do it! We'd just do car washes and spaghetti dinners. Most people don't realize just how little troops get relative to the price of the damn things. They are $4 a box, and, at the level we are right now, we are making $0.40 a box. Forty cents! A box! WTF? So, we have gotten $4,000 worth of cookies from the warehouse and we will make $400. I guess it could be worse. Well, definately need to think of other ways to make money so we can do more. Next year, as Juniors, we are going to do so much more to raise money! Ugh...Oh, well, off to another booth to sell 8 boxes (not cases, boxes, sales suck this year!!)
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  • TIGGER2094
    We've had quite a bit of cash donations. I think about $100 in the two weeks that we've been selling. Not too shabby. I heard a couple of people saying "I don't have the cash". Well, we had the opportunity to get the credit card scanners. The fees all come out of our proceeds, to the tune of approximately 15 cents per box! Everyone said that any profit is a profit. But, not everyone has a smart phone! I couldn't use it! Besides, is is really worth the hassle if you are only going to sell another ten boxes total, throughout the entire season?

    What we might do next year is pre-sells. We'll do Fall and Cookie for simply the ability to do other fund-raising (excuse me, money-earning). Then, we'll do one a month, even if we are just raking one person's yard, it's something. Brownies and Daisies can't, but I'll have Juniors next year! lol
    3342 days ago
    Luckily, I don't have any Girl Scouts in my family (we are all too old right now! LOL)... but when I see them selling the cookies, I usually make a cash donation and tell them to keep the cookies! That saves me all sorts of calories!!!
    3342 days ago
  • KATHY024
    LOL I wrote a blog about the cookies too!
    Knowing that the girls make so little on them, I am going to make a cash donation to our local girl scouts - no more cookies, the girls deserve better. I wish you luck on your fundraising efforts!
    3342 days ago
    You're an awesome mom to be involved with GS .... I also was involved when my daughter was younger (she's 38 now). i was co-leader and the leader just happened to be our babysitter - great lady so we had a win-win partnership. Cookies back then were $1.75 a box (or possibly $1.50) .. I worked at the phone co and my daughter was always the top seller in our troop but they don't give parent badges hahaha
    3342 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    Thank you, guys! I've heard it was easier to buy $4 boxes of cookies from cutie pie little Daisies and Brownies than $15 tubs of popcorn from the Cub Scouts! Even it the Girls aren't in full uniform (which, by the way, I really wish they would have "proper" uniforms that everyone had to wear).

    I've eaten more than my share. Between two boxes for snack this past (GS 100th Party) Monday, a few for the house and a couple for the office, I've probably bought a case and a half myself! Of course, the entire house and office has eaten them, but still...

    "My" kids love me, Girl Scouting, and all the fun stuff we do. The parents have criticized me for being too nice. Yeah, well, no more Mrs. Nice Tamika! We got to move some cookies, deposit the money in the bank, and straighten up some kids who seem to be a little too wound up most of the time, before we can go on our planned trips. I don't know if I'd be able to be SU Cookie Chair, but two years ago I said the same thing about being leader!
    3342 days ago
    You could do a Scentsy Fundraiser. There are different options but the easiest option is you set it up on the consultants page online and send your customers there, they go onto the site and click on your organization then order stuff online, everything gets shipped to their door, no stress on you!

    I'm in Portland, Oregon but I'd love to be your consultant and set up a fundraiser with you!! MSG me if you want more details.
    3342 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2012 7:59:18 PM
    i saw a girl walking down the street with a case of cookies and stopped and backed up to buy some from her (we live in a three block neighborhood). Today I gave away half a box of thin mints because I ate the other half yesterday!
    I feel ya on the cookie mom thing! I was service unit cookie chair three times and cookie cupboard supervisor for two service units another time. Cookies are only 3.50 a box here but i believe troops still get just 25 cents a box.
    good luck keeping track and getting the funds and paperwork done on time. i know that challenge!!!
    3342 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    Thank you for all you do for the Girl Scouts! I, in my younger years was involved in both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and you will be amazed at how those kids really appreciate you and will continue to keep in touch with you. I did buy Girl Scout cookies this year and ate them. Even put them on the nutrition tracker. Love those Lemonades!
    3342 days ago
    DON'T SELL THEM TO ME!!! I ate my share already! haha I know how you feel about the sales. I'm actually the Den Leader of my son's cubscout troop. We get stuck selling POPCORN every year. Ugh!! But a couple months ago, the boys did a fish fry and it was a HUGE success. Good luck with your sales!!
    3342 days ago
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