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Day 4 of reduced sugar. This is impossible.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 4 of Reduced Sugar and...

I'm feeling better today. I slipped up with dinner, though. My husband got takeout. I asked for a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad. They put barbecue sauce on the sandwich, and it was on a white sesame seed bun. I guess all in all I didn't make a terrible choice, but it wasn't as strict as I had been. The sugar in that barbecue sauce had to be high because I was actually full after eating it, which hasn't happened all week. After tracking, I see that it was probably about 13 grams of sugar in the sauce. Oh well.

I can't eat perfectly all the time! I don't even know why I'm even trying this sometimes. It's hard, plus I keep worrying I'm going to end up binging since I'm being so strict with my diet right now. The reason I've been so successful with weight loss so far is that I've allowed myself to eat whatever I want (mostly) and just tracked it and tried to stay within range. Now that I'm restricting what I eat so much, I worry. I see all these people who turn into "clean eating" freaks and then they eat clean for about a month before they mysteriously disappear off of SP. It SOUNDS like a good idea, this clean eating thing, but is it really? I guess it is as long as we realize that it's just not going to happen 100% of the time. If I eat mostly unprocessed, healthy food 80 to 90% of the time I'm still doing great. Slip-ups happen. And besides, it wasn't even that big of a slip-up! It's not like I ate a hot fudge sundae or something! It is A-OK.

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  • ACCT1908
    I guess I'm SEMI-CLEAN and that's ok with me! I'm like you as long as I'm doing better I'm winning! 80-90% is awesome!
    3405 days ago
    You are doing great and I agree with you about not totally depriving yourself. For me that is just sabotage.

    Have a great weekend.
    3410 days ago
    You know your body, your habits, your downfalls. If you don't think this is for you, well, you would know better than anyone else! It's good that you've tried it and you can make a decision from there. Maybe you're right, and you can't eat 100% clean or sugar-free, but maybe after this trial, you'll be able to cut back in some areas. Listen to your body, it'll tell you what to do! :)
    3410 days ago
    The old line rings true in many areas of life - everything in moderation!!!!!!!

    You name it: sleep, sun, dietary fat/fiber/calories, exercise, water, time spent on the computer, etc, etc. You too little or too much of any of these and you have to PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!

    I think it's great you're trying out this low-sugar diet. Trying things like this are great exercises in self-discipline. Particularly this one, it can be eye-opening to know how much added sugar is in a lot of products. I'm with you though -- I couldn't do it 100% of the time. I suppose that I have the willpower and COULD but I would like to live a bit. After all, we work hard (exercise!) and should get to indulge now&again. ;)

    Have you discovered the no-sugar ketchup yet? Not bad at all!!
    3410 days ago
    There's NO way I could be a "clean eater." It works for some, but NOT for me. You have to do what works.
    3410 days ago
    Definitely, it would be difficult to go NO sugar right away. But way to go for trying! And hopefully now you can makes smaller choices and just go lower sugar or BETTER sugar emoticon emoticon
    3411 days ago
    You've got to do what works for you! I also wonder about the people who disappear off of Spark. What happened to them?
    3411 days ago
    Your blog today reminded me of a SP article I read recently titled: Moderation in All Things. (
    e/motivation_articles.asp?id=729 )
    I'd paraphrase here for the sake of a short reply but then I'd be afraid of leaving out some really helpful point. So, visit the article if you can. They discuss two concepts that help to Moderate Your Thinking. I think concept 2 was my favorite one. Really, both concepts have been helping me to banish the fear of binging because of deprivation of a particular food.
    Hope the article can help you too. I can see that you're on track when you conclude that if you eat healthy 80 to 90% of the time then a little "slip" is ok. The article will help reinforce your current efforts. (oh, and don't forget to collect your spark points for reading it.)
    3411 days ago
    You're totally in my head. This is exactly right -- I can't be perfect all the time, I can't excise all "unhealthy" foods from my life, I can't ratchet myself down so tightly that I'll go crazy. There's that fine line, though, between being permissive about the less healthy foods and bringing on a binge. If I ever figure that out, I'll be sure to let you know!
    3411 days ago
    You are right - it is too easy to burn out and give up when you restrict too much, and you didn't eat a box of little debbies, or a hot fudge sunday, or a whole was a little bit of BBQ sauce. You are doing so well from working out to being thoughtful about the whole process to making careful changes to your nutrition.
    3411 days ago
  • CATS_MEOW_0911
    Do what works, Tracy! I agree, avoiding all sugar is probably nearly impossible. It was actually easier for me to cut out wheat than it was to reduce sugar intake. I think it's great that you are being mindful, but if you feel deprived and it isn't sustainable, then it won't work. I aim to eat as close to "perfect" about 80-90% of the time, but I (usually) have no regrets about splurges.
    3411 days ago
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