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Bill Update..

Friday, April 06, 2012

Thank you, everyone, for the well wishes, juju, good thoughts, kind words, and all-around care you've sent our way recently.

Bill's surgery on Friday went very well. He stayed in hospital overnight and they cut him loose Saturday morning. Of course, I'm lucky I was able to get him out of there - the nurses all found him so sweet and charming they wanted to keep him!

Saturday we simply spent the day getting him settled in at home - building his nest on the couch with pillows and blankets, making sure he got plenty of puppy snuggles, etc. Sunday, he felt up to getting out of the house, so we went to Fred's to get his prescription filled and to pick up a few groceries. He pushed the buggy and set the pace, but was surprised to find himself wearing down quickly. I think that may have been the best thing for him, sort of like proof to convince him that he really did need to take some down time to get better.

Since that trip, we've taken a few walks now and then when it's hasn't been raining. Yesterday, Bill had his follow-up visit with the surgeon and got the 'all clear' and release back to normal duty. The left side of his neck, where the incision was made, is still somewhat swollen, but the doctor assured us that it will go down, just to give it more time.

Bill celebrated being allowed to get back to normal by tweaking more on the bathroom redo LOL I was happy to "let" him work on his project.

As for me? I've rather lost myself through this whole thing. Stress and depression settled in and I'm trying to evict them to the best of my ability. Sort of. I've lost so much momentum and drive and determination and physical fitness this last month, allowing myself to grasp onto any excuse or reason to give up and stop trying... I'm not even sure I'll be able to "recover" enough to safely do the Bridge to Brews next week, let alone the R'n'R Half in May. I've lost the majority of March to one unplanned emergency or another. Yep, I've got a pity-party for one going on here, which is in complete opposition to how relieved and grateful I'm feeling that Bill will be around for a while longer. I'll regain my footing again, it's just a matter of time. Fake it 'til you make it, right?
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    Glad to hear Bill is doing so well! Now you just need to take care of you. Let those batteries recharge my friend!
    3359 days ago
    C you've got alot going on. You'll get back to it when life gets back to your normal. emoticon
    3360 days ago
    So glad that Bill is on the mend. Hope your "faking it" turns back into making it sooner rather than later. As we both know life sometimes gets in the way of best laid plans; the path we thought was clear now looks unrecognizable. Pretend I'm the officer breaking up your pity party and sending down another direction. :)
    Take care of you too, Candy. Bill sounds as if he's setting his pace well. Roll slowly with him if you need to, but just keep rolling!

    Hugs Laura
    3360 days ago
    You've had a lot going on and sometimes things go to the wayside (intentionally or not) when these things happen. Do what you can to get yourself back on track, but do not beat yourself up over it. Don't waste energy and time being angry/frustrated/etc. with yourself; save that energy and time for more important and productive things.

    That said, I'm glad to hear that Bill is doing well. Take care!
    3360 days ago
    You've been through the ringer, my dear! And now it's catching up with you - dang, we are alike! I can handle it all until it's over - then I have to process and reboot. It's the rebooting that is the hardest.

    Take the time to reflect - and do what you feel you need to do. Let me know if I can help (bona fide offer you know).

    Sending more juju your way... take care!

    3361 days ago
    Glad Bill is doing better, don't get too discouraged. I have to remind myself that any given day is a "snapshot" of the overall picture. You'll get back to where you want to be soon :-) emoticon
    3361 days ago
    I'm sure you'll get back to it when life calms down. Glad to hear Bill is doing well and hopefully you'll have some time to focus ontaking care of you soon!
    3361 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    Oh darlin!!! Allow yourself small steps, I think you will be back where you started before you know it, just take it slow and one day at a time!!! Start with something you KNOW you can do (half hour easy walking) or something and go from there, that will start boosting that confidence way back up there!!! Sooooo glad Bill is recovered, now to get you back on track! HUGS! Hang in there!
    3361 days ago
    I am so glad Bill is doing well. It's not too surprising, though, that you're feeling the stress and depression in the aftermath of all this; it's taken a physical and emotional toll on you. Take care of yourself, too, Candy; you won't be much help to Bill if you don't. Oh, and you'd BETTER make it to the Portland RnR; I'm looking forward to getting to meet you there!

    3362 days ago
    I agree with many of the above listed posters. It's just as difficult to be the caregiver as it is the designated patient. You're the one under more stress/worry (face it, at least Bill got to be "under" for the surgery and probably had more sleep than you've had during this ordeal).

    Be kind, patient, and loving to yourself. Get some friends/family over for respite care if you can.

    You'll get back to speed once this is in the past.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Bill.

    Have a peaceful, lovely, and GRATEFUL Easter.

    3363 days ago
    3363 days ago
    Gosh, I'm so sorry - been wrapped up in my own family drama, late catching up w/you!

    But very relieved to hear Bill's surg went well; I can only imagine your own pain & stress levels. Deep cleansing breaths as you try to ease back into your normal routines. Please know we are here for you.

    3363 days ago
    I am so glad to hear Bill is doing well! Hugs for him. I had my own scare on Sunday (John fell and split his scalp open, much blood) so I know about the stress and depression you are going through. Why is it so hard for us wives to handle these situations. You're entitled to a pitty party and I can share my can of worms with you if you'd like. I read coach Nancy's blog on the NYC half yesterday and it gave me a needed boost.
    3363 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    that is great he is doing well. there are other races and event but only one bill!

    3363 days ago
    So glad your hubby is doing well and recovering so nicely. You will get back to healthy living. Give it a little time. There has been a lot going on in your life. Baby steps. Just like when you started your journey. Hang in there and keep on posting and checking in...another baby step!
    3363 days ago
    3363 days ago
  • LISA01605
    So glad to hear the surgery went well!! I hope the recovery goes smoothly!
    3363 days ago
    I find I'm doing a lot of faking it these days but maybe that will help me make it.

    I'm glad Bill is doing so well. Don't forget to be kind to yourself as you get back into the swing of things. I know it's hard to get back at it. I'm doing ok with my walking but my eating... well, not so much.

    I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!

    3364 days ago
  • ROXIT22222
    emoticon I'm glad Bill is doing so much better! I'm glad you are checking in on spark too. I know all about losing that momentum. BTDT Lost mine for over a year! I never want to loss it for that long again. And I want to help others from losing their momentum for that long too.

    I don't know what to say about the Bridge to Brews race. How far are you running on that one? The Rock n Roll one I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! You have 4 hours to walk that far if nothing else. It's going to be a blast and I WILL BE THERE! SO YOU BETTER! emoticon

    This weekend and next week is going to be sunny and bright and great for runs and walks.

    3364 days ago
    I'm so happy to hear that everything went well for Bill and he's been cleared to go back to normal! You must be so relieved!

    I'm so sorry that you've lost yourself in this. I think that fact that you are here and that you checked in at all is amazing! I hope you can find your way back to do the Bridge to Brews. You don't have to have your best race. It may help you refocus and get back in the swing so you can work towards your goals.

    Do what you need for you. If you need a little more time to process this big life moment, take it! What Bill and you went through is hard. Even though you didn't have the issue and the surgery yourself, you still went through a lot. I think it is sometimes harder to be a loved one of a patient than it is to be the patient. You may need a little more time to recover and that is ok.

    Sending YOU lots of hugs, positive thoughts and good juju!
    3364 days ago

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