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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This week, we are supposed to write a Gratitude/Thankful blog and I started a blog that got interrupted the other day, but it was kind of negative, at least the part I got out of my system, lol! :) However, when things are stressful and not the best, sometimes, it is better to concentrate on the positive things in life anyway! So, I have no idea how long my list will be or how detailed it will be, but here goes...

1. Jesus, my Lord & Savior - without Him I would be lost and have no hope

2. My kiddos & hubby

3. My church family

4. Spark and my sparkfriends

5. Facebook/internet/e-mail (it allows me to be in contact with more people on a daily basis than I could be otherwise) E-mail is great to have in place of making phone calls too!

6. Health (I may not be in GREAT health weighing over 300 pounds, but it could be MUCH worse)

7. A roof over my head, food in my stomach, clothes to wear and shoes on my feet

8. My extended family

9. My job (it HELPS pay the bills and at least I have one!)

10. The new people/friends I have met at work

11. Getting to see old friends and people I have not seen in awhile BECAUSE of where I work while they shop :)

12. I am thankful for my education and that I have the ability to apply for teaching jobs whether I GET them or not! :)

13. I feel as though God has given me favor in my life, opportunities and blessings I could not attain on my own merit and I am thankful for that!

14. A vehicle to drive

15. My computer!!!! :)

Ok, I am sure I could think of more if I took the time, but this is a GREAT start and I feel better already!
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