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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why is it that a Lenten promise turns into a post Lenten Gorge-fest? I gave up meat for Lent this year. My main source of protein was eggs, dairy, seafood and plants. Did great! Although, the last three weeks I was getting tired of it. I persevered tho, so I'm proud of that.

Easter dinner was a nice spiral sliced ham. A simple dinner which included green beans with new potatoes, Mac n cheese (for the kids) and freshly baked bread. We had angel food cake with strawberries for desert. Delish! Meat! I was in heaven! A super meal with my super family!

The problem is...I kept eating...all week! Every day this week, I've gotten up with my usual resolve which dissolved as soon as I got to work. People brought in their left over Easter goodies. Angel food cake, pineapple upside down cake, chocolate eggs...To top that off, we had regulators visit our office this week. Breakfast and lunch was brought in for them...and anything leftover was fair game for the rest of us. Pastry, muffins, cookies...yes, I have a thing for baked goodness!

I'm disgusted with myself...which I reward with more eating. Bleh!

I've given this some thought and have come to a couple of conclusions:

1. I'm not willing to throw in the towel just yet. I've lost 24lbs thus far and I'm not done yet! I have a few more goals I plan to reach and my current behavior will NOT contribute to that whatsoever! Thus, I'm shouting out to my SP friends for help! Say something encouraging...that's what's needed right now.

2. I feel sluggish. And it's a combination of re-introducing meat in my diet...and the sugar! I've decided that what I REALLY have been craving is chicken. And until I give it what it REALLY wants, the cravings won't stop. I really don't miss beef...beef was never my thing. So I think the thing for me to do is to continue with a modified vegan diet...plants, eggs, dairy, seafood and chicken. I won't rule out pork or beef now and again...but it won't be a staple for me.

3. Exercise...or lack thereof. I get up at 4:30 every day so I can get my workout in. And I've been faithful to that this the rise and shine part, that is. I have been soooo tired and sluggish that I haven't even exercised! So, I'm eating out of control AND not burning calories! Yikes! Well, now that I've given this some thought I realize this stems from my gluttonous eating. I think I just have to jump back in the saddle and DO IT! And healthy eating will help re-vitalize me.

4. I didn't have a plan. Monday morning I was faced with all the Easter goodies that my co-workers brought in. My resolve quickly melted. And the more I caved, the more guilty I felt for indulging and the more I comforted myself with goodies. That is stopping TODAY! I am packing a healthy lunch and will eat only that! And I'll track my intake and hold myself accountable. I can't change the past...but I CAN move forward!

Sorry this is such a long blog. I guess it just takes a while to work through these things. I count on you, my SP peeps, to help reflame the spark in ME! I just CAN'T give up now!

Thanks for your support! I hope everyone is fanning their inner spark!
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    Hey sweetie...sorry I have been absentee...I have been off quietly struggling too. Hang in there. We know what works...SP does...tracking does...moving does. We have done this before and we can do it again. Read your blog! You've had great success and have a great plan. Now just take action and get headed on down the road! You can do it! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the encouragement! Spark on! emoticon
    3288 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Well, I can relate. I have tons of experience in overdoing sugar. I do find that eating lots of protein is an important strategy for reducing sugar cravings and intake. If your body is craving chicken perhaps you are not taking in enough grams of protein. Are you tracking it? I have done little experiements and when I take in a LOT of protein before noon (scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt, protein powder in a fruit smoothie) I do way better staying away from mounds of sugar. Of course, not having it in front of me is a big part of staying away from it. I know exactly what you mean about baked goodness. Sometimes, the best cardio we can get is RUNNING the opposite direction from a table laden with "C" words (cookies, candies, cakes, CARBS). All is not lost, my dear. You have stumbled, you have fallen, and you will feel even better when you get up, dust the sugar off, and work up a sweat. Also, make sure to get extra sleep, and drink lots and lots of water. Withdrawing and recovering from excess fats/sugars requires extra energy which requires extra rest and hydration. Let us know how you are doing, okay? emoticon
    3310 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    OK. First things first: As long as you're getting up at that unbelievably horrifying hour -- you might as well be doing your exercise. Then, for the rest of the day, when you reach for a (crappy) Easter candy, remind yourself that you have already made a serious commitment to better health this morning, and do not waste that effort on unworthy snacks. Unworthy! Treat your body like the temple it is!:)

    Second, change your marker so that it reads from 0 to 30. It will be very satisfying to see how close you are to that goal -- and how do-able 6 mere pounds is. After that change your marker to 35 ... so the goal is always close:) I cannot imagine how satisfying it would be to post the "30 lb lost" icon.

    As I have been struggling, I have given my self new challenges: If I can't say no to junk, I have to at least eat 5 fruit/veggies BEFORE I can have the garbage food ... usually the craving has gone in that time AND you've filled your temple with the proper fuel to thrive.

    You can do this, Bev. You will so much better with less weight on your bones.
    All power to you--
    3312 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/12/2012 10:04:28 AM
  • AUNTB63
    We have all been where you are at. That vicious circle of eat/guilt/eat/'s hard to get off of that roller coaster, but YOU can do it. When this happen to me I needed to dig deep inside and re-evaluate what I was trying to accomplish and why. This journey is for me, to become healthier. For a couple of weeks I just went back to the basics, 15 minutes exercise, a couple of fruit/veggies, and back to drinking all my water. YOU can do this. I never gave up anything in my plan....just using portion control and common sense. YOU can do this. Once I got back to eating healthier I started feeling less sluggish and didn't have to fight with myself to exercise.
    YOU can do this. YOU are worth the effort to become healthy and YOU have done so well so far. Dust yourself up and get back in the game.... emoticon
    3312 days ago
    ok, you fell off the wagon, now you can get back on and resume your weight loss journey. you have lost 24lbs that is awesome. keep up the good work. remember how you feel now after eating all that food and junk. It just goes to show we were not living before, now start again today and realize you deserve to feel better.
    3312 days ago
    YOu are not in the monority for sure. I tell you seems everyone goes gung ho, then bang. I didn't have any choc. or goodies in the house for easter, hubby bought himself a bunny and I said please dont offer to share. lol I almost asked for some once but ate fruit instead, higher on the carb area than I wanted but still a def. better choice. Mine is bread if I start eating it omg here comes anything carby now.

    You can get back on the wagon, make a small biz size note and stick in your pocket or on your desk with why you want to or just something or a word that reminds you.

    Sluggish or Super something like that even.

    3312 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9374878
    Read your blog again and remember...really think how you are feeling and let that be your lesson to yourself and STOP. Just STOP. You don't deserve to treat yourself like this for any reason. You are better than this and you are worth more. You don't deserve to do it to yourself in the first place nor deserve to be discouraged with yourself for doing it! You don't deserve to un-do all the hardwork you've accomplished. So, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and kick yourself into high gear! You are going to start fresh right here and now! New day!
    3312 days ago
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