My first 5K! Pics included :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I did my first 5K today! It was along the beach, in Wilmington, NC. It was called the Race for the Planet. It was a great experience, and it helped that I freaking ROCKED it. I went faster than ever before. I ran and walked, but I did the 5K in 40 minutes, 7 seconds. Ah! I'm so psyched with my time! I feel like a real runner. It really excites me because last week I was being so critical of myself, telling myself how physically UNfit I am, how slow I am, how running a 5K is laughable for someone of my size and fitness level. Boy, did I show ME. I kicked dirt in that mean ol' inner fat girl's face. So there!

Here is a pic of me before the race --

Here is a photo of my friend and I after the race. She had done the race the previous year, so I thought she would be way ahead of me throughout the race. It turns out I finished the race five minutes ahead of her. I was secretly thrilled to find this out, lol.

I never thought I'd post a sweaty photo of myself, but I look so happy in this one!

I want to run more 5K's! Now I know why so many people on SP find running races addictive. I feel like such a champion right now!
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