Ode to Muscles

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I've been a teeny bit down on myself lately, because I haven't been able to get the scale (otherwise known in my mind as the Evil Scale of Doom) to move down much in the last few months.

I met with my health coach yesterday. (I meet with her weekly. She reviews my food and exercise log and takes my measurements, etc.) I expected her to get down on me because, again, the scale hasn't budged. Instead, she looked at my measurements from my lowest weight ever (18 lbs ago) and my measurements yesterday, and said....drum roll please.......

"You're at your lowest measurements ever."

Wait. What? Lowest....measurements...EVER?

Woohoo!!!! That means I've "gained" at least 18 lbs of muscle in the last 6 months?

Oh muscles, how I love you. You make me stronger, and less jiggly. You make me burn more calories more efficiently, and best of all... you make my butt look fantastic in my favorite jeans!!!

Take that, Evil Scale of Doom. More muscle and less inches trumps you every single time.
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