Day 6 & 8 of Insanity.. and some other stuff

Monday, May 07, 2012

Due to the timing I started Insanity, my Day 6 ended up being on Friday, with my rest day on Saturday. I thought this was great, I'd get Saturday free! It worked out because we had a TON of things to do on Saturday, though it definitely wasn't an easy day. We went on two short bike rides (to and from the rental car) and lots of carrying boxes and furniture (yay new furniture!) so even though I didn't work out Saturday, by the time the night came around I was BEAT! After such a long day Sunday ended up being a "lazy" day and because of this I had the hardest time ever convincing myself to work out. I had ALL DAY to do this, my original intention was, work out early! get stuff done! Which turned into, maybe in an hour.. I'll work out after I do laundry. Crap, I forgot to do laundry! Ok, after I do laundry! After I go to the store! Long story short I didn't end up working out until 8pm last night. It was the hardest work out I've done so far. My mind wasn't in it, I hit a wall, I had so much weighing on my mind and I SO didn't want to work out. I tried to talk myself out of it, but I couldn't. I have to be accountable, I cant let my mind get the best of me. My mind is my own worst enemy by far. I can talk myself into amazing things. Hell, during the workout I was trying to justify quitting before the end, "If I do half of it it's as bad" "Ok after this next interval" Basically all the way up until 10 minutes before the end. It was that bad. I felt guilty. But I finished, and I finished strong. I felt much better after the fact and my mind was finally at peace. Imagine that. Anyways back to the work out.

Day 6 - Since this was the second time I'd done the Plyometic Cardio Circuit, I expected it to be easier than the first time. You know what happens when you assume right? Yeah... it wasn't easier at all. I think part of my problem is I want to try and keep up with the video and I have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN. Especially when it gets to the Level 1 drills, which are killer, I always get frustrated with myself. I can't get up and down that fast and I sure as hell can't really do pushups, but I do my best, I just need to learn to go at my own pace, like Shaun T says.

Day 8 - Cardio Power & Resistance. Like I said earlier, I was totally not in it today. My mind was else where and it affected my body. I couldn't get into a rhythm until the end, but that said, I kept up better than I thought I would have, I didn't take any extra long breaks like I have in the past. I kept them to the standard water breaks and an extra 5 - 10 seconds here and there, so I guess that's something to be proud of. I think this is one of my favorite videos. I like the resistance portion of it. With all the cardio I miss strength training, and this makes me feel like my arms aren't totally getting neglected.

On a side note: I haven't weighed myself yet, and I don't know if I'm going to. For one, we don't even have a scale, and I'm not sure if I want to go out and buy one just yet. When a scale is involved I get obsessive. I will weigh myself every day. Sometimes more than once, and I know that's not healthy, because weight fluctuates. It's kind of freeing not having the scale there, taunting me, but also at the same time it would be kind of nice to know where I'm at, if i'm making any progress. I feel like I am though, so maybe that's good enough, going off how I feel for once, instead of the numbers.
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    If you need an extra rest day during the week take it! An extra day of rest here or there will not make or break this workout program. I took extra days the first time I did it and it did not hurt me one bit. In fact there are times I think it helped because I felt like with that extra day I got some energy back and was able to come back into the next week killing the workouts.

    You're doing great, keep it up! I have the problem of wanting to keep up with Shaun T also but like you I just remind myself to go at my own pace. Who cares if blondie in the video is doing 3x the switch kicks we are lol.

    emoticon emoticon
    3369 days ago
  • BECKY3126
    I just had to click on over here to check on you and see how you were doing so far. Good for you, getting up, even if it was at 8pm and getting it done.
    I have to agree with you. I thought because I had already done these workouts, that this time around they might just be a little easier, but no. They were not. In fact, I think that it may have been harder this time around. Maybe it is the fact that I am not taking as many breaks as last week or something along those lines, but if you read my blog from this morning, you will see that you most definitely are not alone in feeling like it was not any easier.
    I want to get rid of my scale. I always feel good about my progress and then I step on the scale and it shows either no change, or very little change and I get frustrated.
    Keep up the great work!!! This is no joke, it is an intense workout, and in the end, it will totally pay off. I always feel great after these we know they have to be doing something right, right??
    3369 days ago
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