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Sunday, May 13, 2012

I hate my scale. I really do. But I feel like I NEED it so much. I weigh daily, but I only record my weight on Friday mornings. This week I felt like I did so well with tracking and exercising and no weight was lost. Maintained. Great, right? Well, why do I feel so disappointed? It's stupid. I know it's not a big deal but it bothers me so much. Since I didn't lose weight and I worked so hard, might as well eat whatever I want since this stupid weight is not coming off. This is what goes through my head. So yesterday I had doughnuts, beer, a cheeseburger, fries, and a blueberry biscuit for breakfast. I have no clue how many calories I inhaled because I'm too embarrassed to track it. It's a neverevending pattern with me.

I know what people will say. They'll say "Stop weighing so much!" "The scale isn't the only way to measure your success!' Yada yada yada. I know all these things. But when I don't weigh daily I feel less focused on my goals and therefore, I don't eat as well, or track carefully.

I feel like my problem is that my weigh-in day is Friday, so on Friday evening I feel like the week of hard work is over and I get to splurge on Friday night, and Saturday. This is bad because I work a normal workweek (Mon - Fri) so weekends I tend to go out to eat and do things out of the ordinary. So if my weight has been tracked on Friday, I go nuts over the weekend and end up gaining a couple of pounds, and then having to lose that weight over the course of the next week. Explains the maintaining or gaining on weigh-in day.

My new plan for the upcoming week:
1) Weigh in day will be changed to Tuesday. First weigh-in will be Tuesday, May 22nd.
2) More water! I'm drinking my eight glasses, but it could be more. My goal will be to drink 16 8 oz glasses.
3) Running. Adding running to the mix. I will be doing my weights class, abs class when possible, and I will add in running three times per week.
4) Keeping up with weights classes and doing abs classes whenever possible.

Also, I'd like to hear your weighing method. Once weekly, once monthly, I'd just like to know.
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    I used to weigh once a week, but it got to the point I just felt sad and angry all the time - or I would be in a good mood, step on the scale and get mean and fussy. So then I switched to once a month. I'm now thinking about going to twice a month. Also, I don't just weigh - I also measure. Honestly, inches lost are much more important to me than weight lost. If I can fit into smaller pants but weigh the same, that's fine with me.

    Whatever you choose to do, try to make sure the scale isn't dictating your emotions. That just doesn't feel good and it leads to all sorts of unhappiness - and in my case, unhealthy behaviors. It's when I'm blue or down that I do things I later regret. (We all have our repeating patterns, I think.)
    3366 days ago
    Although I typically hop on the scale every morning (NUDE!), I only track on Thursday and Sunday mornings.

    I have a small notepad and pen in my bathroom drawer and I write the date, time, exact weight, and if it's that TOM.

    I haven't taken measurements other weight since the end of January. I plan on getting my measurements done again in 10 days (a few days after the Rockford Half-Marathon to give my body a chance to get rehydrated).

    ALSO! Weighing in before/after a run is good to track your sweat rate/dehydration. If I come back from a run and I've lost more than 3 pounds, I did a horrible job of keeping myself hydrated.
    3370 days ago

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    Well, when I got to the point you were at, where I was letting the scale dictate my emotions way more than I should, I moved from daily weighing to weekly weighing. Unlike you, however, that really helped me comply with my program, because without the scale to tell me how I was doing, I really looked at my food and exercise. So I got more into my program and did better when I wasn't weighing as much.

    Now, for much the same reason, I do monthly weigh-ins. My weekly weigh-ins weren't showing enough movement, so I got upset and ate badly. So now I'm once a month (with a few cheats during the month -- I'm not overly strict). So far, it seems to be working.

    When I did weekly weigh-ins, I weighed in on Fridays, like you, a relic from the days when I had weekend binges.
    3370 days ago
    I weight in on either Saturday or Sunday mornings.....and over the last couple of months it's been almost everyday. I find that if I *don't* weight myself as in- if I don't *want* to get on the scale that morning it's *usually* because of what I ate the day before. I have also liked seeing how quickly the bloat/excess weight from overeating comes off, which is nice after the guilt of a binge. It's almost like a whole 'don't worry, this is not the end of the world, you don't have to eat yourself into oblivion' sort of thing after I overeat, which helps in the whole 'not giving up' thing. I also like to see if there's scale movement if I'm feeling rather hungry before meals that week, and there usually is, or if I'm not feeling so hungry but I eat all my calories anyways, which usually shows less of a loss over the course of the week.

    It also will show and tell me how I'm doing, even when I think I can get away with eating that extra cupcake/10 chocolates that week/day.

    I'm sooooooo close to 100 lbs lost that I want to weigh everyday so I can snap that picture when it happens and shout it all over Spark. lol. Should be in the next couple weeks (fingers crossed).
    3371 days ago
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    My official Weigh In day is Monday. To keep me better on track on the weekends. I might check in with the scale once or twice during the week, but nothing habitual.
    3371 days ago
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