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Monday, May 14, 2012

I feel like I have none...I stare at the Jillian Michaels DVD, shes taunting me.."Hey, fat ass, get up and do something no excuses!" And I just don't..I want to just sit here and eat junk and watch sappy movies..depression sets in yet again and I hate it. I hate feeling sorry for myself..

~I chose to marry someone who I thought I loved but in all actuality I was in love with the fact that someone gave me attention and actually wanted to be with me

~I chose to have children with said person knowing full well I shouldn't have and even though I love my children dearly I would never regret having them

~I chose to divorce this man after spending 10 years married to him multiple chances to change himself because I knew I could never change him myself.

~Leaving knowing I had no money, no job(at the time), and no outlook in life.

I am trying so hard to not be a Debbie Downer but as I am lacking in exercise my jeans are getting tighter and my energy getting lower. I guess what I'm asking for is help which I hate asking for but dammit being rock bottom is not where I want to be anymore.
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    1. Don't wait to feel like exercising, just do it anyway. Even if you don't feel like it, even if it is just a walk. It will make you feel better. Exercise improves many things, including depression.

    2. I too married the wrong man at a very young age, had 2 kids, and by 28 was divorced and having to support myself and my kids. I had to move to a larger city to get a job, but I found a career and have had a great life thus far. I am now 58. There were tough times, but some times you have to be brave and some times you have to fake being brave. But you can do what you need to do to improve your situation.

    3059 days ago
    My story is not quite as yours, but I have a long term relationship with both depression and food. I didn't liked exercise and the TV was one of my best friends. I had my reality check and decided to do something for me, for the first time... Is not easy!
    One of my friends challenged me to run a marathon with her, and although I absolutely hate running I've been working towards that goal. In the process I've realised that the first days feels like hell and you just want to quit, but by the second week you notice that your fitness is improving and that your are doing things you could not do the week before. One of those things in my case, was being able to smile. Exercice makes you produce more endorphins than you think and although there's a love-hate relationship, the end result is that you start feeling better in your everyday life, and you start winning to battle with depression. Look for exercises that can make you happy like dancing and start from there, don't pay much attention to your weight! (this is very important. Athletes weight more than regular people because of the muscle gain, so don't beat yourself up when looking at the numbers in the scale) just pay attention to how your feeling and eventually clothes will let you know, that what your are doing is definitely paying off!

    And for last the other thing that you can do is: stay connected! read other's blogs, exchange a few words and keep posting, is very therapeutical! and gives you a support system.

    V x emoticon
    3059 days ago
  • SFREY217
    You can do this. It is for you and no one else. You can only change yourself and no one else. Life has delt you some crappy stuff, but you are alive and you need to fight to stay that way. get up and move. Do something, just move, and believe in yourself !!!

    3059 days ago
  • no profile photo EVIE4NOW
    BABY STEPS. Start by chair walking if need be. Walk around the block, window shop, anyyyything. Keep a light set of weights by that remote control. CHOOSE to do arm curls instead of lifting food to your mouth. Walk around the house when you are on the phone and scrub.. really scrub whatever needs to be scrubbed with BOTH hands exxercising both arms. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    3059 days ago
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