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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wow, I've been a busy woman lately! I have been posting a bit on SP but just not really any time to blog! Yikes!
Ok, so an update. Mother's Day was great, the entire weekend my girls made breakfast in bed, complete with coffee (which I rarely drink lol), eggs, and a cookie for dessert lol. Got lots of cards with lots of glitter (glitter all over my house!) No money to do much of anything else, and with middle daughter strep positive, we didn't go to my mom's house like we had planned. We are going today. My sister won't be there, again, because her daughter has lice! Her step-daughter came home last weekend from her mother's with them, ugh.
My birthday was okay. Again, no money so we didn't do much. Hubby's on workman's comp, been on it since November (August he was hurt, but he started in November being on temp disability for his shoulder), and his check did not show up. So, basically, we've been living off about a hundred bucks for gas and food for a family of five for this past week. Not too bad, except I use about $80 just in gas to get back and forth to work! If it weren't for the fact that we had a freezer with about three days' worth of food and my mom gave us a day's worth of food, we would pretty much have starved.
So, the day after my birthday, we learned that my hubby's wc is over. Doc released him back to full duty. That would normally be great news, right? Except the p.o.s that hubby works for. Bossman had hubby's phone turned off last week (the reason wc check didn't show, they couldn't get ahold of him!) Bossman is supposed to have a truck for hubby to use. Well, we have been using our personal vehicles for the past two years because bossman can't afford to replace the truck that broke down a few months after hubby started with the company. The agreement was that he would use our van for a couple of months, so bossman can find a replacement. He hasn't even tried! So, we are again forced to use our personal vehicle for hubby's a/c mechanic job. Wonderful, since there's scratches all inside the back hatch door and grease stains in my carpet from when he used the van! Also, hubby is supposed to be on $700 per week salary. We are lucky on the weeks he gets $500, and bossman has already said that he does not have enough work for hubby. Sooooo, we are going from $450 per week on wc, to quite possibly $300-$500, or nothing. Hubby is supposedly looking for another job, we cannot live like this! Public assistance is a joke, I make too much (barely) for a family of five to get anything except the $20 per month kid insurance offered by the state.
So, no damn wonder I'm all depressed. Worried about whether we'll have food from week to week, much less actually healthy stuff. I want to quit my job, since my boss treats pretty much the entire staff like crap. But, I can't because we have to have money. I've tried to get another job, but noone has even called me back. I make $12 an hour, I'll be willing to take $10 an hour if it's really close to my house. I've even thought about watching kids in my house, but because of our slumlords, er, landlords, I don't think that will work, either. Or, cleaning houses, I'll be willing to do that, too, but I'd have to have a client base and open my own company. You only make $6.50 an hour cleaning houses for a company but you can make $20+ an hour working for yourself. I don't have time for a second job. Noone around here helps clean up. Not regularly, anyway.
Anyway, sorry, I had to vent. I've been trying to stay positive, but when you cry yourself to sleep nightly, it's pretty hard to stay positive! I know we'll get through this, somehow. Oh, yeah, I have to still come up with my "parent portion" of the trip to Sea World this coming Saturday. Plus gas money. OMG!
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    If anything.. see this comment as support from someone who totally understands. Understands living day to day when you are struggling and wondering how in the world can I get through the next week. You know..the hardest thing I ever had to do was Food Bank. My God.. I thought I was the worse person in the world.. but they understood. And I had food for the people I love. This wont last.. the storm may be fierce but it will not last. You keep working as hard as you have been.. Your husband will find better work - not someone who is a boss but doesnt act like one. Your life is going to turn around and even if it is not tomorrow..it will be sooner than you think. You have sunlight shining on you.. the clouds will pass.. and you will feel it soon.
    ((((HUGS))))) from someone who has been there and is finally fighting through the last of it. HOLD ON - you are going to be ok.
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