I am such a big Fat Head! Aren't you?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ya Gotta see this! Sit back with a snack and enjoy.

WOW what an eye opener! Not that I CAN eat a Big Mac or a Thickburger and not gain weight....(which I can without bread and ketchup). NOoooo this documentary is sooooo much more! Just put your feet up and relax and WATCH ALL OF THIS! You will be so informed! OK OK...please don't think I am saying that a triple decker cheese burger is the most nutritious thing one can eat...of course it's not, but it is not as detrimental as we have been lead to believe. On the other hand, your grape nuts cereal with whole wheat toast and OJ just might be.

Are you fat? A carbaholic? Sugarholic? Have high cholesterol? High LDL? Depressed? This is a must see!

As a side note to watching this be forewarned of commercials...UGh! Don't click the box on the top left to change the commercial or vote; It will only lock up the documentary. If by chance it locks up anyway...reclick on the link and wait for the introductory commercials to end and jump(or slide the bar) to where you left off.


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