I'm baaack

Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm baaaaack! I took time off from SP to deal with my divorce proceedings.

I've maintained my 25 lb loss and feel good. Just want to lose more. I lost a lot of that weight directly due to the divorce stress and I just couldn't force myself to eat.

I'm happier now, but not always making the best food decisions. Otherwise, I'd have lost a lot more. So I'm looking at December as a goal date for hitting 155 or so. I'd be happy with 160. I've learned I'm 5'7" and that's a good weight for me now. As far as exercise, I'm doing zero strength work, but am walking like crazy.

Money is stressful. I've been paying for two households for some time now and it's draining me. I get paid on a monthly basis and by the 10th of each month, I'm broke.

I'm still smoking. Just hasn't been a right time to stop. I have a new man in my life, as well, and he smokes. So it's difficult for one of us to quit if the other isn't ready.

He is a beautiful man, but much younger. My parents refuse to accept him, but I'm a grown woman and can make my own decisions. It's hard not to win their approval. I've been accustomed to it my whole life. So it is a big disappointment.

I have my divorce settlement this morning. Please pray for me, everyone. I'm nervous.

I've gone blonde (from brunette) and love it. I'm 38 and most people guess me 25 tops. It's not all just the blonde hair. I have a young face and young attitude. My guy and I look about the same age, so no one bats an eye when we're seen together.

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    Happiness and compatibility have nothing to do with age once adulthood has arrived. Don't assume Mom and Dad don't like him because of the age thing, look deeper, ask them for their opinion without being defensive of your relationship with him, and listen with an open mind. They may see something you don't, or they might be then forced to ask themselves why they have formed an unjust opinion. Either way, it's a win-win to open lines of communication.

    Divorce is difficult and painful, and no parent wants to watch their child in that kind of pain. It could be that simple....they truly want you to be happy and no man on earth is worthy of you (in their eyes). Capeesh?

    That said, it really is a good tome to savor your freedom from the responsibilities of being half of a couple, and reforming yourself to be the person you want to be. If you don't love yourself, you cannot love anyone else successfully. Those who believe that great relationships are 50%/50% will never have a successful one. The reality is that successful relationships are when you both give all (100%) to each other. While this is a gradual process to get to that 100%, it is truly the most rewarding.

    Many blessings as you reorganize your priorities, and kudos for discovering the available and inexpensive tool of a hair color change to boost your self esteem. I have naturally dark dark dark reddish brown hair (with now a lot of gray) which is colored regularly to a reddish blonde. Been doing this for 30 years. LOVE IT!

    My prayers for you continue..........
    3341 days ago
    If I may comment, LOL............

    So what, your man is younger?????????????????????
    >Women always live longer anyway, and my husband is younger
    than I am......I encouraged a friend to date a man 12 years younger
    than she, and they just celebrated their 19th anniversary.

    You would enjoy your parents support, knowing what you have been
    thru with your ex, however, you do not need their approval to survive
    and be happy. You have to live your own life. I am sure it is a change
    to them, but life does move on.

    If I can help you in any way, feel free to zip right on over and chat....
    PS: I dated a guy 28 years younger than I for awhile, and after my
    divorce, it was nice to be accepted for what I was and how I felt, and
    he was a great guy....neither of us wanted to get married, we just
    wanted a friend.....

    You go for it, chickie,
    3341 days ago
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